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Updated on July 20, 2011
A.P. asks from Brooklyn, NY
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Hi moms,
I have a two and a half old boy and he weights just a little over 26 lbs and he’s almost 36 inches. I just wanted to know if this is normal for his age. His doctor said that he’s fine, but I still want to know from other moms toddler how there kids weight and height are. I fell that he’s a little smaller for his age. Am I worrying over nothing? I hope someone read this post and thanks for your comments in advance.

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So What Happened?

I want to add a little more information about my son backgrand. He’s half Filipino and half Polish and English and a little bit Irish. I’m only 4 ft and 11 inches and his dad is 5 ft and 8 inches. He’s very active and eats most of the time. He’s a good sleeper since he was a 4 months and I’m so happy about. He can say 4 to 6 word sentences and even count from 1 to 20. He can sing his ABC and plays with other kids very well. I know he’s developing perfectly normal and very smart. I’m just a little worry about his weight and height for his age. After reading a lot of the responses from other moms, I feel better. Thank you!

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answers from Richmond on

If the doc says he's fine, he's fine ;)

My first daughter was a peanut the first 4 years... she's still the shortest kid.

My second always grew up, then out, up, then out, so she roller coastered all over the board (90th percentile, 30%, 80%... you get the point).

My son was a chunky monkey forever, with the biggest head (think: Charlie Brown)... he's finally growing into that big dome piece of his, but sadly, he's losing the chunk (so the nickname 'fat man' isn't really sticking anymore).

My husband was THE FATTEST KID... the second he hit puberty, he was like an iron strong bean, all lean muscle and not an inch to pinch... still is ;)

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answers from Tampa on

My son at 15 months was 24 ponds and 32 inches tall. his percentiles are high....
I do not know about your son, but you can check this website...
Good luck

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answers from Spokane on

My 3 y/o is 38 inches and 34 lbs. ~ I think your son is perfect :) just exactly the size he is supposed to be.

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answers from Beaumont on

If the Doctor says he's fine I'm sure he is. Remember, there is a WIDE range of "normal".

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answers from Chicago on

Actually your son is above 50th percentile for both height and weight and sounds like he is doing fine in that area. My first were about 22 pounds at 1 yr and I think around 25 inches tall. A friend's son was only 17 pounds at 18 months and she was so worried about it. But she and her husband are average height and build. Her son is a baseball and soccer player in high school now and taller than both. You never know. As long as your son is growing and healthy, he should be fine.

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answers from Indianapolis on


It depends on the parents if you are both tall most likley he will be tall if both short he will be short, or if one is tall and one is short he will probably be somewhere in the middle. My daughter is getting ready to turn one and is 30 inches tall and weighs 23 and a half lbs. but my husband is almost 6ft 3 and I am 5ft. 9..... the important thing is he is healthy and height, weight and head size is all in proportion.. hope that helped!

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answers from Seattle on

The normal range is WIDELY varied. Both in height (think tall Swedish v petite Japanese), and body type (think slim French v robust German). Of course, one finds short Swedes and svelt Germans, and vice versa... but just as a baseline... ethnic backgrounds.

((One would also add in activity levels... to genetic background... at 2 we started off the day doing 6 miles -he ran, I walked- had about 4 hours of downtime a day, 1 nap, 1 movie, and spent the rest of the day swimming, doing gymnastics, etc. My son's always been heavy for his height, but he's also RIPPED as far as his muscular development goes.))

At 2 my (Scandanavian, Scottish, N. Italian, & Blackfoot, VERY active) boy was 37.5 inches, and between 35 & 40lbs. At 2 and a half, somewhat taller and heavier. I'd have to look it up and it's not handy. He's currently 9yo and 5' tall and 65 lbs. (he was 88lbs this winter, but he's lost 23 pounds from repeated hospital stays).

((I have age 2 memorized, because that's the height you double to see how tall they will be as an adult + or - an inch))


answers from Jacksonville on

My daughter is almost three. She is 38 inches and 32 lbs, and she is considered tall! In fact she towers over most kids in her class and he is only a couple inches shorter than her. You know what is really funny? When she was in daycare I thought she was a little small too, turns out my tiny little day care helper attracted monster size babies! LOL



answers from New York on

Sounds fine to me. Kids come in all shapes and sizes! Not sure how big
you and your husband are. My husband is 6'5", I am only 5'7". Everyone
in my husbands family is over 6 feet, women included. If my children were
very small, I would be concerned. Even my Dad was 6'3". Genetics plays
a big part.


answers from Los Angeles on

My 2.5 y/o girl is 36 inches and 32 lbs. Her background is Irish, Mexican, French, and Native American...and (most people are shocked at this) she was 4 weeks early. She's very active as well. Our friends daughter who is almost 4 is smaller then our daughter, BUT their 18 month old is close to my daughters size, lol.
I wouldn't worry too much. Hope this helps.



answers from Albuquerque on

My 11month old son is 32 inches and 21lbs, his twin sister is 17lbs and about 28inches. Their ped. said the height/weight is normal for them, and they are growing normal for them, even though my son seems like a giant! I am tall at 6ft but my husband is shorter at 5'8. Im guessing my son takes after me :)



answers from Albany on

when my son was 2.5 he was 35 pounds and 40 inches tall. If the doctor says hes fine he is fine. No need to worry. at 3.5 my son is only 37 pounds and 45 inches tall. he is a tall little string bean, (like his daddy). We are both tall so taht speaks for the height and we are not super skinny and not fat at all. I think that your son is perfect at the size he is....dont worry about it. Good Luck



answers from New York on

He is on the small side, but what size are you and your husband (and your families)? I am 5'3", and 115 lbs. I've been "small for my age" all my life!! So what?! Babies are people, not products. Just because he's not average does not make him defective : )

p.s. just read your follow-up info. Both you and your husband are on the small size, so why would you expect to have an average-sized baby? Be happy with who he is, and stop comparing him to everyone else. Your son is fine.



answers from New York on

My almost-3-year old daughter is 26 pounds and 36" too.
My 4-1/2 year old son is 31 pounds and 40".
My 6-year old is 39 pounds and 44".
All are in the smaller part of their percentile charts, but that's fine because my husband and I are both thin and average/tall in height.

If your son is progressing along his curve on the chart, then I wouldn't worry.

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