Weening from Bottle

Updated on December 17, 2006
J.F. asks from Dallas, TX
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I used the baby wise method (sleep, eat, wake time) with my son. It worked great for us when he was little but we have somewhat gotten away from it as he aged. However we still do a bottle when he wakes up in the morning and after naps (1 in the am, 1 in the pm). Now that my son is 11 mos old we are looking to start weening him from the bottle. The problem is he expects one when he wakes up and becomes frantic without it. His nap times don't always correspond with normal meal times and I want to get away from feeding him when he wakes. Any suggestions on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

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answers from Waco on

Well I know what you are going through. My daughter was easy she dropped the bottle and went to a cup. My little boy on the other hand would just cry and I would give in. What ended up happening was we bought two sippy cups and put drinks in them and he had one bottle that I couldn't get rid of. So we were rotating them back and forth. One day his bottle came up missing and he had to take the cup we couldn't find the bottle so he just drank from the cup. We ended up finding the bottle his big sister ended up throwing it away. Also to warn you, you say he is going to be a big brother. Congrats to you. My little girl was off the bottle and was on a sippy cup when my son was born, she started seeing the bottle and started taking it and drinking it. So just be careful about that too. He might see the bottle and think it is for him and it's not. Hope everything works out.

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answers from Austin on

You can get a weening bottle from like Walmart, Target stores like that. They come with 2 types of nipples and a spout. you start with the nipple then gradually move up to the spout. It works because ur child still thinks he's getting a bottle. Which he is but it will have the spout as for a sippy cup.



answers from Austin on

I would give him a little more time with the bottle, until 12 or 13 mos, it gets easier when they are more ready. And then take away one bottle feeding a week or so. And give lots of hugs and cuddles to compensate!
Later put just water in the bottle, they quickly become disinterested in bottles after that- providing they can drink well from cups.



answers from Houston on

My cousins wife told us that we need to dalute the bottle and put reg. milk in the cup, that way the child thinks that the bottle is gross and the cup is much better and will take to the cup faster.



answers from Beaumont on

we weened our daughter by introducing a sippy cup. we got the nuby ones from walmart. they have a soft top. we would give her one just during the day and then switched to that instead of a bottle. just do it gradually.

hope that helps



answers from Little Rock on

Hey J.!

I have a 16 month old son. We tried the going back and forth from the sippy cups to the bottle but he didnt like that idea at all. We tried several different cups, we finally ended up with the nubby brand from Wal-Mart the spout on it is still soft like a bottle nipple but its wider. I'm usually the one that hates to hear my son cry for anything. But the only way we got him off the bottle was to give him the sippy cup 1st thing when he woke up in the morning and just hide all the rest of his bottles. He didnt like it but he finally got thirsty enough and decided that was all he was going to get so he went to that. Since then we have moved through 3 different cups and he's now on the hard spout cups. We also gave him juice instead of milk alot of the time. His dentist also said it would be better to give him water instead of the milk or juice b/c of the sugar. Hope this helps. It sounds horrible, but its really not as bad as I thought it would be. OH but you have to watch out for the "Grandmas". My mother-in-law kept trying to give him back his bottle!! Once you get him switched make sure everyone knows not to go back or you'll have to start all over again!! : ) Good luck!!




answers from Houston on

Well, if you're sure you want to wean him from the bottle then I would only take away one at a time, not all his bottles at once. If he absolutely loves and needs his morning bottle, then definitely make that one the last one to take away. Also, are you replacing the bottle with anything - sippy of milk?



answers from San Antonio on

Hi no matter what it's going to be hard and the longer you wait the harder it gets. trust me i know. i waited till my was almost 2. you have hide or get rid of the bottles some how. then tell him the buggy man took it. or some made up person. yes he will cry, yes it would break your heart. the way i did it was all at once. if you don't want to do that then try giving him a sippy cup and tell him its for big boys and that he is now a big boy. or try giving it to him only once a day and then go to every other day. i've trid all this my mom told me (shes a mother of 8 kids)



answers from Houston on

Well every child is diffrent and the parent has to approach each one in a new creative ways.
With both of my boys I first started to put water in the bottles and then I would set the sippy beside the bottle with there favorite drink in it. This gives them a choice and lets them make the choice not the parents. This will take a few tries and before long they will prefer the sippy. Now this worked with mine and it may not with yours but, it is worth a try.



answers from El Paso on

well my son is now 5 years old will be 6 in feb. but i was trying to ween him from his bootle around 10 months and i asked his pediatrician on what advice he had for me and he told me to decide exactly when i wanted him off and pick a day make sure i had several sippy cups and to get rid of the bottles so i decided i wanted him off by his fist birthday so i stopped trying to ween him off and i set my alarm for 11:58 pm the evening of his first b-day and got out his sippy cup put his milk in it and got rid of all the bottles they were in no site of him at all when he would ask or want a bottle i would tell him that he was a big boy and big boys used sippy cups or big boy cups... he asked for is bottle for about 3 days but i stayed consitant with it and then he was fine just dont give in to them that what they want good luck



answers from Anchorage on

You don't say what you are putting in the bottles, so I assume given his age that he is still getting formula or breastmilk. Does he take a sippy cup at all? Avent bottles make a sippy cup top that goes into the ring instead of a bottle nipple, so it drinks like a cup but hold like a bottle and my son (he turned 1 in oct) had a really easy time switching to those. Instead of giving him formula in the bottle when he wakes up try some juice, so he is still getting something to drink and comfort from the routines but it isn't a real meal. I water my son's juice way down about 2ounces of juice for 6 ounces of water. I would also start waiting until he asks for it to give it to him. You might be surprised. If what is in his bottle is less enticing he may just quit asking for it.

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