Week Late with Negative Pregnancy Test

Updated on December 13, 2010
A.S. asks from Guston, KY
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Hubby and I have been TTC and I was excited when I didnt get my period, I am a week late but all the pregnancy test I have taken so far are all negative (I have taken several and the most recient was this morning). I am not sure what to do, I have some other pregnancy symptoms-- breast are killing me, cramping, tired, moody, constant trips to the bathroom. We lost a baby this summer and ended up finding out that I have a genetic blood clotting disorder and will have to give myself daily injections as soon as i am pregnant again so if I am I need to know asap so I can start the meds! If I have not gotten a positive test at this point dose that mean that I am not pregnant? If I am, why are my test negative, could it have to do with constant trips to the bathroom and my body not being able to produce enough of the hormone inbetween trips to the bathroom for it to regester as positive? has anyone had negative test at a week or more late and still been pregnant? should I just call the dr and ask for a blood test? Or could my body just be playing tricks on my as my due date for our angel that we lost is comming up? any and all tips and advice is appreciated!

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answers from Johnson City on

I couldn't get a positive till I was 6 weeks. We were TTC, so I bought the 1st responce and took 6 before I got a positive. Took 2 a few days after being late, waitied a week took 2 more, nothing, and waited another week and finally got a positive. Go to the Dr. They can tell before a PT test from the store. Good luck sweetie :)

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answers from Cincinnati on

i had 3 or 4 negative tests before I got a positive one like 2 1/2 weeks after I missed my period.

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answers from Tampa on

Could you have ovulated late? I have clotting disorders as well and am currently 27wks pregnant giving myself those daily injections. With this one I tested a couple days before my period was due (day 33 or so) and it was negative. I just figured I wasn't pregnant and my period was late. I had breast tenderness and cramping as well. About 10 days later, still no period and I had a wave of nausea which sent me to the store to test again. That one was positive, called the doctor and started my injections immediately. Are you taking a baby aspirin every day? My reproductive endocrinologist had said to take one daily and when I got pregnant start the shots. I still do both and so far everything is going well. So, give it a few more days and test again, or call your doc if it will make you feel better :) Know you're not alone though, I had 2 early miscarraiges between my 3yr old and this one, which is how I found out about my clotting issues. I wish you the best of luck!



answers from Dallas on

In your case, I would go and get a blood test. Since you have a disorder, that requires special care...I would want to find out ASAP!! You might not have quite enough hormones, to get a positive by urine.



answers from Washington DC on

Not the answer you probably want to hear, but before I had kids, I was late once (on BCP and was regular every 4th Tuesday before lunch). I KNEW I was pregnant and the tests were just wrong. A whole month went by and the morning of a friend's wedding, my period arrived. I was a basketcase during that whole wedding! I still don't really have any idea of what happened to make me skip an entire month. I agree with the previous poster, go in for a blood test if first morning urine doesn't give you a +. Blood tests usually show earlier than urine. Good luck!!!!



answers from Raleigh on

I was 8 weeks pregnant with my last child before the test came up positive. That was about 2 months after I had miscarried. You should definitely call your doctor since you need to start the injections. She can tell if you are pregnant by how your uterus feels.



answers from Johnstown on

Are you testing first thing in the morning? It's recommended you do it then when your urine is most concentrated. I would test again first thing Wed. morning and see what the results say then. If you still get a negative result, then get a blood test done. Just because you have a negative result does NOT mean you aren't pregnant. I've had a dr. tell me that you can get false negatives, but never false positives. Test again.


answers from Pocatello on

well I can give you two examples of this going either way. My sis was trying for baby number 2 for 8 months. She was always on time for her periods and then 1 month she went 48 days between her periods. She was going crazy! She figured she had to be pregnant cause she had no period but all the test came back negative. Finally she got her period so for whatever reason that month it was just super late. But to give you some hope I have a friend that has had 3 babies and with each pregnancy she doesn't get a positive result until she around 8 weeks. So for some reason the hormones just don't register on the test early for her. I would say if you don't start in another day or two you should call your dr. and get a blood test and that will tell you if you are pregnant. good luck.

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