Week 36 and Lower Belly Cramping

Updated on October 20, 2009
W.Y. asks from Portage, WI
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This may seem like a really basic question. I was induced with my first pregnancy, so I really don't know what the beginnings of labor feels like. I am at 36, almost 37, weeks and I woke up with cramping in my lower belly this morning... and am still feeling them periodically.

Is that the beginning of labor or is it something else?

Thank you for your help.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for your comments. They did end up decreasing throughout my day. I have been working really hard around the house lately trying to get ready for Jonah to arrive. But I really liked the idea of packing up now... that was part of my plan over this weekend, but I just didn't get around to it. :-)

I'll be packing this week. Thank you, again!

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answers from Minneapolis on

The start of my labor feels like menstrual cramps that just get worse and worse. I was induced with my first also, so I learned what a naturally occurring labor feels like the second time around. Your body is probably getting ready. Make sure your bag is packed and you are ready to up and go any time, even though you may still have a couple weeks. If they start coming just a couple minutes apart and/or you can no longer walk/talk through them, call your doctor.

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answers from Dallas on

YOu are probably experiencing your body preparing to give birth. The baby is moving into position and this can cause some strange and uncomfortable sensations.
"Braxton-Hicks" or "practice" contractions usually feel like a tightening/cramping sensation that moves from the front to the back.
If you are having tightening that involves your entire midsection, then you probably want to call your doctor. For your peace of mind, you may want to call your doctor anyway.
Congratulations on your impending baby!

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answers from Omaha on

It is probably braxton hicks.. practice labor. It is perfectly normal. If they continue in a regular manner and get stronger and closer together you might be in true labor but if they are come and go it is just your body getting ready for true labor. One trick to help with this is too drink alot of water.

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answers from Madison on

Sounds like Braxton Hicks (practice contractions)

Increase your fluid intake, rest a bit more in between getting ready for Jonah.

Yes, and get the bag ready!

YAY!! Baby Jonah will be here soon!!!

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answers from Des Moines on

It might be braxton hicks contractions. The way to tell if thta is the case is when you get up and walk around do the pains get worse or do the go away? If they get worse then you are in labor. If they go away then it is braxton hicks. Believe me I had to be induced with my first also but I knew when I was in labor with my 2nd because my water broke with my youngest.



answers from Minneapolis on

Get it checked. It could be braxton hicks, but it also could be labor. I thought I was having braxton hicks because that pain fit the description - but I was wrong!
Not all labor pains fit into a "typical" mold.
Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

When I went into labor it felt just like strong menstral cramps. You could be in the early stages! Good Luck!!!

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