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Updated on November 23, 2009
J.S. asks from Covina, CA
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hey all... still trying to figure out where we want to get married. We'd like to get married in February... but we're not sure where. It's just going to be the two of us with maybe a handful (no more than 10) friends. We were thinking Catalina, but the I've heard negative things about the person who would accomodate a wedding this small, plus the photos are horrible. Don't want Vegas.... anyone have any suggestions for intimate (cost-effective) weddings here in Southern California?

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Maybe temecula? I would check out this website,, I used it when I was planning my wedding and it was very helpful.

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Hello! My husband works for Wedgewood Weddings and Banquets You can check there, but he is afraid you won't find a place that can accomadate something that small. His suggestion was to book a private room at a restaurant. He thinks that staffing and food would end up costing you a ton at a wedding facility - because they need a cook, a server, buser, etc. Look into private rooms at nicer restaurants and you should find something perfect for you!



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since it is going to be small, I think you find someone with a really pretty backyard or at a nice pretty park. Or even the beach. But if you are going for february you will need an indoor backup for the weather. maybe a nice restaurant?



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Hi J.,

Congratulations! It's your wedding so it depends on what you really want. A wedding is a celebration and can be done whichever way pleases you.

A few suggestions here: as the previous responders already noted, a nice restaurant would be a good idea. This way you can pick a hilltop or beach view, etc. My friends had their wedding party at a Cheesecake Factory and it was nicely done tastefully.

My husbands bestfriend and his wife chose to be married at the courthouse, witnessed by a handful of friends. Then they treated the friends to a nice dinner at Morton's Steakhouse.

My sister had her bestfriend commissioned by the County for a day so the bestfriend officiated the ceremony in my sister's small living room, which was nicely decorated with flowers. They were surrounded by close friends and family. If you or a close friend has space available, I personally think this is a great option to have someone you love and respect help you tie the knot and have someone cater the food while you all can sit comfortably and enjoy the time together.

I got married on a yacht and my friend and former boss officiated my wedding (also commissioned for a day only) so I saved at least $200 there. My wedding was big so I got the whole yacht, but you can all go on a Hornblower lunch/dinner/champagne brunch cruise and celebrate it that way.

Good luck!

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