Wedding Registry... How to Let People Know?

Updated on March 29, 2011
R.D. asks from Richmond, VA
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What is the PC way to let people know where you've registered? We are not sending out save the dates; we're having a very small wedding. Is this supposed to be spread by word of mouth? In the invitation?

*We're not having bridesmaids/groomsmen...

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So What Happened?

Yeah, I definately DON'T want to be like 'buy me this'... I could care less, but people kept asking about a registry... it has 6 inexpensive things on it ;) I just want people THERE!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

IMO, I really don't think it's proper to every put registry info on or with a wedding invitation. Rely on word of mouth.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I am a wedding coordinator and you do not put the registry information on the actual invitation. To put it on the actual invitation would not be good . Most people frame and keep their own invitation and 30 years later you do not want to see registered at Target on the actual invitation. If you like most if not all stores that have a wedding registry have insert card. Please add an insert or create a webpage with your wedding information on the knot or and place your wedding registry information there and add an insert to your wedding invitation that states for more information in regards to our wedding go to www.________ .com

Big note: Please do not ask for money or giftcards however you can register for giftcards. If you prefer money over gifts let your parents know and they can tell people your preference if they ask.

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answers from Cleveland on

I'm very surprised people are saying to put it on the invitation... I thought that was considered rude/tacky. Word of mouth is always the way I've seen it. Or maybe on a wedding website if you set one up. If you're having a very small wedding, it should be easy for people to just ask you or someone else going etc. Putting it on an invitation is almost like putting an entrance fee to your wedding in my opinion. Gifts aren't or shouldn't be "required".

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answers from Chattanooga on

In the invite I would just put in the bottom 'registered at _____'.

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answers from San Francisco on

It used to be you just didn't put that information in an invitation. Word of mouth, the maid of honor, best man could let people know. It can be included in shower invitations but not the actual wedding invitation. It's considered saying, "You're invited, buy me a gift and I want this". Not very appreciative or gracious. Things have changed, if you do include this information, make sure you can tailor the invitation to not include this information for those who would be offended by it.

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answers from Chicago on

Extremely tacky to put it in the wedding invitation! Is someone hosting a bridal shower? Most appropriate for that type of invitation. Otherwise establish a wedding website and list it there or pass it around word of mouth. Most people are smart enough to ask or look you up at the major stores. Otherwise, if they are clueless you will get money or a gift card. A win win IMO.

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answers from Atlanta on

I had a very small wedding too. We put a small insert card in the invitation, but I have seen it at the bottom of the invitation as well. Lots of people asked too, so don't be afraid to use word of mouth/ emails : )! Best wishes for your wedding!

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answers from Dallas on

We relied on word of mouth and the fact that most had previously been invited to a shower of some sort so they knew from that invite.

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answers from Sacramento on

Include a separate piece of paper in your wedding invitations or in your wedding shower invitations if you are having a shower.

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answers from Cumberland on

send wedding shower invitations and let people know where you are registered-have someone throw the party for you.

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answers from Biloxi on

I vote for word of mouth and family spreading the "news". A young friend of mine got married at the beginning of the year and posted her registry stores on FaceBook. I cringed inwardly - just thought that was too pushy. Especially since everyone asked her anyway.

Happy Marriage!!!!!

God Bless

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answers from Washington DC on

If people want to know, they will ask. Make sure your parents, close friends know. If you have a shower, people will probably ask thes host - I find the little cards you mail out incredibly tacky. Also, people will often just look you up at a popular resistry in your area (like Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Macy's). They may just get you something of their own choosing too, which is fine. Just say thanks and hope their is a gift receit :)

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answers from Richmond on

You can include small cards in your invitations. Check out you can get free cards done there (they do an awesome job) - lots of free designs available and you only have to pay shipping. Also, you should put 1-2 expensive items + some mid range and a lot of smaller items on your registry. You never know when people might be interested in going in together to get you a larger gift. I got this advice from when I got married and I followed it (at first I only had small items b/c I didn't want to look greedy). It ended up being excellent advice as there were groups of people that wanted to go in together and my grandparents did want to get us a nice gift so they got 1 of the expensive items.



answers from Richmond on

if the person or couple is not invited to wedding and or the reception then it is not considered polite to tell them where you are registered, this is considered "fishing for gifts" if however you send them an invitation to either the wedding and or the reception, you can say on the invitation, we are registered at such and such, for questions, please contact such and such
K. h.

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