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Updated on August 13, 2011
M.B. asks from Occoquan, VA
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We received a wedding invitation, but there was no info on when/where the reception is (if there is one). Should we expect one? Aren't people usually invited to the wedding are invited to the reception? It is a very small wedding, so I wouldn't think it had to do with too many people- apparently only a few were invited to the wedding. The bride made the invitations. She's very young, so I'm thinking she may not know that it is customary to mention a reception after the wedding... Anyone have any ideas on what we should expect? Am I wrong in expecting a reception invite? My husband has known the groom for 16 years...

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So What Happened?

Okay. So, yes the reception was at the exact same place as the vows (literally, they rearranged the room after the vows while we were waiting outside and it became tables and chairs and food!). Thanks for your responses!

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Sometimes with small weddings there is just a short meet and great with cake, champagne and punch or something right after the wedding fir a short time. Let the sitter know how late you MAY be, but tell her it may be earlier. If it's a short affair ho out with hubby for dinner or cocktails after and have a date!

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answers from New York on

it's one of two things - either they're having a reception and can't afford to include everyone but would like you to share their weddidng. or they're jsut having a small cake, coffee & cookies right afterwards at the church.

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I don't remember if we put the reception followed the wedding or not , but I'd go not really expecting there to be one but ok with there being one or not being one. It's not really a big deal. It could have been just over looked or they just might not have one since it is a small wedding

ETA, you might give an extra hr time to the sitter then if you get home early , you get home early. :)

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answers from Kansas City on

Are you sure there IS a reception?

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Can your husband ask the groom?
If the bride is very young, she may not have thought to say "Reception Immediately Following" or maybe they aren't really having a reception other than something low key at the same place the wedding is held.
I actually went to a wedding at a church where there was no reception other than a receiving line for the bride and a table for gifts. There was no cake, no food, no music. It was a very simple affair with a guest book to sign for those who attended and that was about it. The whole thing took less than an hour. The bride wore a traditional dress and the groom wore a suit and tie and that was as "formal" as it got.
It was lovely, intimate and what they wanted.
If you're unsure, have your husband ask.

Best wishes.

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answers from Austin on

Maybe she did not know how to add and

afterwards at the reception
Church Hall

But maybe she just forgot.

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Maybe they are getting married and having the reception at the same venue?

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I would honestly say if your husband has known the groom for 16 years I would suggest to ask the groom.....

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I agree with Julie. I had a small wedding and we ate and had a reception right after the wedding for a little while.

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Sometimes, to save money, people don't invite all to the reception. You might want to gently inquire through a mutual friend if they know if there's a reception and/or if the money was tight or something.

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I'm guesssing it's not mentioned because there isn't a formal reception. It may just be something very simple like cake and coffee immediately following the ceremony.

Where is the wedding being held? If it's at a hall or a restaurant, you can probably assume there is some type of food.

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answers from Nashville on

then have your husband ask the groom if they are having a reception after so you can plan accordingly. Maybe you can say you need to book a babysitter and want to know how long....
otherwise, just plan on staying after and maybe the reception is at the same place as the wedding so it did not mention it. I do think that she had help with her invites from someone who does know what they are doing so it is probably not a mistake.

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M. B!

Hope I'm not too late!!! When Bob and I married - we married in the courtyard of the hotel and had the reception in the same place....

I've only been in invited to one wedding where we weren't invited to the reception - it was a tad awkward - but we understood - she had a HUGE (600 people) wedding and couldn't feed them all - so ONLY FAMILY was invited to the reception...

However, there are some weddings that are having the reception on another day....who knows!!! :) Just go expecting the reception to be at the same place...that's what I would do....

However, if it's a small wedding - may they have many happy years together - they may be having it at the same place....if they don't and no one says anything - take advantage of having the baby sitter and go have some fun with the hubby!!!

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