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Updated on March 30, 2008
V.G. asks from Leander, TX
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My daughter is getting married in two weeks. It will be a small wedding in the Corpus Christi area, we live in Leander. We are new to the area, and I need help finding someone to make the cake and someone to make the bouquet in either area. I am a little nervous about moving a cake from here to there.

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for all of the advice and responses. The wedding was Friday, and it was beautiful. The couple seemed very happy.
We went with the grocery store idea. HEB Plus in Leander was a great help. Someone in the bakery worked with me for at least 30 minutes ordering just the right cake that my daughter wanted, they gave me a good deal, called that morning to ask more specific instructions and boxed it up just right so it transported perfectly.
The ladies in the deli area shared wonderful catering and food tips for the reception. Probably another 30 minutes helping me with questions and advice was spent there.
The lady in the floral department gave us bouquet advice, my daughter decided to make her own from artificial flowers and did a nice job. This lady also helped me chose fresh roses for the cake, and flowering plants for the reception, and even carried them to the front and stood in line with me so they wouldn't tip over!
I've been so blessed to have so much help, I couldn't have done it on my own. Thank you for the responses!

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answers from Austin on

My advice to you as a wedding planner is to go on-line and check out cake makers in Corpus. You should not travel that far with the wedding cake.

My cousin Elizabeth, located in Austin, will do an outstanding job for the wedding flowers. She is talented and reasonably priced. She did my daughter's flowers. Her Austin cell number is ###-###-####.

Have a beautiful wedding. Try not to stress out. T.



answers from Austin on

Congratulations! What a great mom to help so much!
We use Round Rock Bakery (home of the round rock donut) they are also called Lone Star Bakery. We use them for everything. Besides tasting so good, they can do anything. My parents had their 40th wedding anniversary and they recreated their original wedding from a badly faded black and white picture!
For the bouquet, try Cedar Park Florist. They are in the little shopping center across from Buttercup Creek. The Pet Connection and Jardin Corona restaurant are in there as well. They used the same picture as the bakery, to recreate my mother's wedding bouquet (real flowers).
If you are thinking about doing a artificial bouquet and the florist is charging to much, let me know. I do them for friends all the time. Show me a picture or an idea and I can recreate it. No charge! I just really enjoy creating stuff. Let me know if you have any more questions.
Good luck and God bless!



answers from Austin on

Hi, V., and congratulations to your daughter!

There are two bakeries that do fantastic cakes off Anderson Mill Road at 183. One is called Dream Bakery. They did a great "Bob the Builder" cake for my son's birthday and it was fantastic -- great taste and great decor details. They have some gorgeous cakes in their portfolio, their prices are reasonable, and the woman who runs the bakery is incredibly nice.

Just a few doors down is Cakes, Chocolates and More, which is also run by an incredibly nice woman who does sculptural cakes that are visually stunning. I got a shark-shaped batch of cupcakes from her one year for my other son's party and they were delicious and decorated with lavish detail. This bakery's cakes are more expensive than Dream Bakery but if you want something the guests will talk about for years, this would be the place to go.

Good luck with your planning!



answers from Austin on

If your daughter is in Corpus Christi, perhaps she could check out a few bakeries. Most will give you a taste sample, show photos, etc.

Go to Type in Wedding Cakes Corpus Christ. A plethora of sites will come up.

Best wishes. Check with Flowers, Flowers in Austin for advice about the bouquet. They have the freshest flowers and I have gotten arrangements from them before to take out of town.

Gramma B.



answers from Austin on

Congrats on your daughter's wedding. Two weeks huh? You've got alot to do and I would suggest that you bug a cake from a grocery store. Both of my daughters had wedding cakes made at Randalls......They have now gone (so I am told) to having all their cakes made elsewhere and so they don't bake them there, but still you can have some extra special things done to make it a wonderful cake. We had a whip cream and raspberry filling put in between all the layers, and a (cream cheese) icing so it added some sweetness but also a light, moist icing on the cake,as well. Take in a picture of a design for the cake or just choose one out of their book. Our girls both had the white cakes also. People told me that they were the best wedding cakes they had ever had. And they are very reasonably priced and grocery chains are in every town! Sams has beautiful flowers ~ and their roses are, I believe, 50 cents or $1 each. You can order ahead so that they will have a certain color for you....otherwise you can walk in and buy what they need. If you buy you own flowers and bundle them for the bride/bridesmaids, wrap them together with florist tape and tie ribbons around them and leave long ties. Have fun! (don't forget to grab a few extra for the 'throwaway bouquet') Let us hear all about it. C.



answers from Austin on

Cakes by Michelle is local and WONDERFUL. Visit and see some of her work. I have used her for personal parties, group events, and my friend used her for a wedding. All have been great experiences.

I too would be concerned about the cake traveling. You could get her opinion or you could see if she has someone to refer you to in the Corpus area. I believe she is a part of some kind of bakers assocation and may have a resource for other areas.

Good luck!



answers from Austin on

Hi V., I had a big outdoor wedding and had cupcakes (decorated beautifully) arranged on tiers. This would be a whole lot easier to transport or get there. I had mine done at Albertsons, but Sam's makes excellent cupcakes.

Good Luck

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