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Updated on August 26, 2010
D.P. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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So my mom and dad got invited to a wedding for a friends daughter. These friends are extremely wealthy and my parents are really struggling financially right now. They don't want to go to the wedding because they feel it would be a huge financial obligation but want to send a gift. I guess it would have to be something very meaningful. I think $100 would probably be the max they could do. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. They did come to my wedding several years ago and were extremely generous, but also have the ability to be.

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answers from Saginaw on

I would encourage them to go and give what they can afford.

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answers from Raleigh on

How about handmade ornaments? I am actually thinking about ordering these for some friends that are getting married on Sept 4:

This seller also has some other beautiful ornaments besides these.

I have been married 8 years, and I still love the christmas ornaments I received when I got married. This type of gift can be be treasured for years to come.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I like Lee's answer. I think they should spend $50 to go to the wedding and then give a special gift...Maybe a picture frame with a picture of of the friends daughter from her childhood? does your mom or dad have a special talent?? My mom makes quilts, table runners. If you mom does some sort of sewing, a personalized table runner or something would be nice. If not, look at their registry and get something small and not too expensive. Even if your p's cant afford it, your friend did not invite them to the wedding because of their financial status. She invited them because she and her parents want your parents to be there. I say to have your parents go as long as the wedding location is close to where they live.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

"Very meaningful" is extremely relative to one's own situation. $10 might be very meaningful to someone in desperate financial straits, while $1000 might not seem very meaningful to someone extremely wealthy. I doubt a wealthy family would be offended by a less than extravagant gift from a friend who is not wealthy. They invited your parents because they wanted them there to share in their celebration. I'd encourage them to go, and give what they reasonably can. Perhaps take a nice handmade gift, rather than money. Perssonally, I LOVE handmade gifts. And the wonderful thing about them is their "value" has NOTHING to do with their monetary cost. They could give a "very meaningful" gift that doesn't cost much at all. The VALUE of a handmade gift is in the love and thought put into it. If they are as wealthy as you say, material things probably don't mean all that much to them, as they can likely have what they want. So a beautiful, thoughful handmade item might just end up being something they treasure because it is much more special than the things they can just go buy anytime they want. Just my humble opinion... The handmade gifts I've gotten over the years are some of my greatest treasures...

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answers from Dallas on

Look at their registry - some people do register for less expensive items. Maybe a matching set of something that they want - napkins and napkin rings, a pizza cutter and a platter, or even a gift card.. It may not be as 'meaningful', but at least they will get something that want/need and they will know that your family is thinking of them on their special day. Or have their wedding invitation professionally framed.



answers from Minneapolis on

People dont invite others to their wedddings based on their ability to bring an expensive gift. They were invited because the other family wants them to celebrate a special day with them. If they only wanted expesive presents, they would have only invited their rich friends.

I agree with others...encourage them to go and perhaps find something on the registrty that they can afford, get a giftcard, or bring something handmade but unique.

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