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Updated on October 06, 2009
J.S. asks from Oklahoma City, OK
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I need ideas quick!!! ;) My most dearest friend is getting married this Friday and I need gift ideas!!! This is her second wedding so there is no gift registry. We are both in our mid 30's. You would think that I have ideas but I am stumped ;) Thank you so much for any input!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all so much for your input! They were all great ideas. I absolutely loved the carved stone idea but not enough time for that! ;) I did end up getting a basket with a great bottle of wine, 2 wine glasses, a nice picture frame, and a gift card. Unfortunately, I ended up bringing my gift back. There was no wedding. I am devastated for my friend. I do not understand how people can be so uncaring and mean. Thank you all, again, for your advice.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Hey J.,

There a many good ideas already mentioned, but here's my 2 cents.

If they are like the many blended families or 2nd time arounders, they have everything and sometimes 2 of everything.

You can't go wrong with a home depot, lowe's, walmart, target giftcard, you just need to know where they'd shop.

OR my favorite gift to give, because everyone has too much "Stuff" ... and they need a break more than another item to dust... I like to by certificates for facial, spa-pedi, massage or hair service. Some people have never been pampered. And if they have kids, offer to run carpool. etc the day they go.

Hope this helps,



answers from Lafayette on

Get her a Le Creuset French Oven (I have the round)...they're beautiful, last a lifetime, and will get tons and tons of use if she cooks at all. It really is a wonderful gift. Good luck!

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answers from Texarkana on

Go pick up a nice rock and borrow a Dremmel tool if you don't have one and carve out wedding bells and their first names and the date of wedding into the rock - very easy to do. It is a gift that will memorialize their special day. They can keep it on the hearth of their fireplace or near the front door or in the garden. My husband brought me a carved rock once upon a gifting day with our names in a heart and the word forever and it has always been my most favorite gift. I have since 'given' many carved rocks for all sorts of events - including the passing of a beloved pet (A dog bone with name and born/die dates. People LOVE them! And YEARS later, still have them and remember the thoughtfulness, time and effort put into the gift.



answers from Birmingham on

Well, if you can't think of anything that she can use, then gift cards or gift vouchers of her favorite stores or restaurants will be a safe bet. Or else gift her a Spa package .... Spa Wish covers most good Spas in the country. If you have a tight budget, but have a couple of hours, create a CD album with pics from her past ... things you did together ... places you went together ... all the girlfriendy stuff! Enjoy the wedding!



answers from Tulsa on

Sence this is her second wedding is there kids involed if so how about a gift card for a family outing to give them all a nice day together to help to make this new family a unit. I would say a day at the zoo , a paint ball game , bowling are just anything you think the may enjoy.

if not how about a nice picture frame or something they can use on their honeynoon. A new tent if they are going camping, a new canra for the pictures, a deliver of breakfast in bed if you know where they are going.

If you know they neeed something in their new home a clork, a new lamp.



answers from New Orleans on

one of my very favorite wedding gifts (21 years ago now geez...)
was a gift certificate to a local plant nursery. We went and selected a ficus and still have it today. Some of our other gifts are long worn out, our china is nice but I loved that gift the most and still remember who gave it to us.




answers from Oklahoma City on

How about picture frames? She is going to have a bunch of new memories to frame and display in her home. Dillards always has a nice selection and so do most of the crafty stores like Hobby Lobby.



answers from New Orleans on

gift certificate is always aperfect gift i just celebrate my 50th anniversary and the gifts i love the best was gift certificates because i can buy something that i need and still can remember the person who gave it to me.



answers from Little Rock on

I'd personalize a picture frame or wine glasses at things remembered, if there's one close to you. They have a web site too, I'm sure you can have them deliver it. I'd do the frame and have them engrave their names and date of marriage so they can put their wedding picture in it and have forever! good luck, hope this helps.



answers from Shreveport on

a nice picture frame for their wedding picture or a new family book or a new Family Bible(if it is going to be a blended family)

You can always use more towels.



answers from Birmingham on

HOME DEPOT gift card!!!! The best gift ever for any married couple. Can always be used and appreciated!



answers from Jonesboro on

I would recommend a gift card for dinner or lingerie... something all married couples like to do!



answers from Baton Rouge on

Some of our favorite weddng gifts that we received were:

a pretty candle holder and candle
a bird feeder
Home Depot gift cards
Bed, Bath, and Beyond gift cards
picture frames
bottles of wine
restaurant gift cards
movie theater passes
Blockbuster gift cards
Target gift cards



answers from Monroe on

I was at a Bridal Shower last weekend.A few things I can think of are... "nighties", things to decorate her home, perfume & bath sets, crystal bowl (like to put fruit in) gift certificates for dinner for two,a bottle of wine & set of nice wine glasses,a pre-paid night at a nice motel with a jacuzzi in the room, a basket filled with odd & end things wrapped in colored cellophane, gathered at the top with big bow around the gathered part,a gift card from Victoria Secrets, (or you could go pick it out yourself :). this is all I can think of :)
Good luck!



answers from Tulsa on

Have you thought about a nice set of crystal toasting glasses? It is nice to have some special crystal for special occasions with #2.



answers from Florence on

how about considering their hobbies...
board games
camping equipment
sporting goods
gardening equipment
outdoor furniture/grilling stuff
stepping stones
wind chimes
home repair/improvement book
specialty store gift card that sells this type of stuff.

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