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Updated on April 28, 2008
M.G. asks from Circle Pines, MN
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Morning all!

I have a nearly 15 month old son Max who I have been trying to night-wean for the past month rather unsucessfully. He takes a sippy cup all day at "school" as well as at home for most meals but sometimes wants a bottle from time to time (we offer him milk this way on car trips, etc). The only time I still nurse is after his bath before bed and at night but I fear the ONLY reason he's still waking at night* (on average twice a night lately) is to use me as some sort of human pacifier. I was so happy when he took to breastfeeding so well but now I really want to wean him ... any tips??

My grandmother suggested I just offer him a bottle with water in it at night and he'll start to realize that is all he'll get and stop waking for it. Has anyone tried this?

Again, I was happy and proud to bf for so long when so many don't or cannot, but no one warns you how tough weaning can be.

*Of note, Max has *never* been a good sleeper, even as a newborn, and we have tried almost everything (I can't bear to do the full-on cry it out method as he's such a happy boy all day) to encourage more sleep...if he sleeps for more than 4 hours without waking it's a shocker.

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answers from Minneapolis on

You are right, you are a human pacifier. He doesn't need to eat at night. He needs to develop ways to calm himself down. When he wakes up, wait 15 minutes longer than you have been before going in to him. Gradually increase the wait time and eventually he will give it up. Make sure he is warm enough but not too warm so he isn't waking up out of discomfort. It is possible for babies as young as 2 weeks old to sleep through the night so there is no real need for this.

He will be happier in the long run if he learns to calm himself down instead of you needing to do it. Give him enough respect to believe that he is capable of doing this.



answers from St. Cloud on

I am struggling with this as well. My son is 12 months and he is off the bottle and uses a cup all day at daycare. I have tried to not nurse him during the day, but he gets really fussy until I do. He also wakes at night and will not sleep through the night. I am not good with the cry it out method. Not at this age anyway. Some of the things I read were helpful. I agee with the cup thing, try that. I would not give him a bottle either. Good Luck and Congrats for nursing as long as you did!!



answers from Iowa City on

You don't have to completely wean to wean at night. I night weaned my kids at 18 months. Try "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" by Elizabeth Pantley. Instead of offering a bottle at night with water use a sippy cup that along with the methods in the book helped me. I would recommend continuing to nurse as long as possible. You can shape it to fit your needs. I nursed my daughter until she was 2 1/2 yrs & am currently nursing my son who is almost 2 1/2. I plan to let him self wean. I am able to leave overnight & for the whole day if I want to (I usually end up missing him pretty quickly). This is such a short time that will fly by. Take care of yourself & your own needs & you will not feel so overwhelmed.



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I know exactly what you are going through. Both of my boys were night wakers to nurse (and not good sleepers until they were weaned). I was tired, therefore weak, and nursed them at night way longer than I had intended. I night weaned my first around 10-11 months, and the second recently at 15 months. Although, my toddler was super sick last week, so we got back in the habit of nursing at night so now I am starting over.

What I have done, is offer a sippy cup with water (not a bottle), and just rock him until he calms down and will lay back down. Sometimes this takes an hour and it is exhausting, but it only took a few nights and he was sleeping from 7:30 p.m. until 5:00 or 5:30 a.m. I am still nursing at bedtime and at the 5:30 time. I intend to cut out the bedtime nursing in a week or two.

When I weaned my older son the 5:00 a.m. was the last to go, he just started sleeping through it and that was that.

Good luck to you! Be strong, and good for you for nursing for so long.

SAHM to Charlie (3) Joey (16 months) and #3 due Nov.

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