Weaning Child with Milk & Soy Issues

Updated on September 08, 2009
K.L. asks from Grand Rapids, MI
6 answers

My son is almost a year and I want to start weaning him, but it looks like he won't be able to drink dairy (even lactose free) or soy milk. He has an intolerance to both, not a true allergy. He has acid reflux and eating either makes it much worse. Has anyone had this problem? What do I give him besides water and juice? It seems like rice milk isn't recommended and it's not very healthy. We have a family history of an almond allergy, so I haven't tried that. I'm desperate to be done nursing, since I can't eat dairy or soy either. Help!

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answers from Lansing on

Some little ones with these "intolerances" can handle Goat's Milk quite well; it's available at Wal-Mart here.



answers from Saginaw on

Hi K., My youngest had the same problem. The doctor had me try goats milk, which you can buy at Meijer. It worked for a few months before he developed an allergy to that also. I simply had to go back to nursing and waited until he was getting enough solids to wean him again. I had to watch my own diet as he reacted to my milk if I ate something he was allergic to. Good luck.



answers from Detroit on

You may be able to use goats milk. It is easier for the bady to digest.
Way to go BF for the first full year!! Especially without being able to have dairy! You did the best thing for little guy!



answers from Detroit on

Goat's milk may work ok for you. If you can find some people who's children also have allergies and are still nursing. If at all possible continue nursing, it'll help with allergies later on.



answers from Dallas on

Try giving your little man some Nutramigen mixed with breastmilk (its a taste thing, and a possible tolerance thing as well.) I would do 50/50 mix to start out. Try giving it to him in a nuby cup (if you aren't familiar, the brand makes cups that have silicone nipple like tops on them much like a bottle, but also moving in the direction of a cup)

My daughter was breastfed until she was 13 months old. I went back to work (on weekends only) when she was about 7.5 months old and that required her father giving her bottles of breastmilk, and when that couldn't be provided, she was given Nutramigen (formula without soy or lactose) Try that for now.

How long since you tried givning him regular formula or since you had a little dairy yourself? His tolerance may have changed. Good luck!



answers from Grand Rapids on

I have never had it but you can try hemp seed milk they have it here at the local health food store... Harvest Health

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