Weaning and Breast Pain

Updated on July 14, 2008
A.G. asks from Minneapolis, MN
4 answers

I have slowly been weaning my daughter over the past two weeks and now I am down to one feeding (her early morning feeding, around 4am) and I am starting to get worried about the pain. I am planning on feeding her in the morning for a few more days then cut her off. Any advice on how to handle the pain? How long does it last? I want to be pain free when I go out of town for my friends wedding so I'm trying to plan accordingly.

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answers from Eau Claire on


I would contact the La Leche League. They are a support group for breastfeeding moms. They have leaders that are trained in all aspects of breastfeeding. Here is their contact information. If you are from a different location than the ones below, just google La Leche League, and search for them

in your area,

Minneapolis South ,
Meetings; Fourth Tuesday, 10:00 a.m.
Contact: Sara [email protected]____.com

Minneapolis Southwest
Meetings: Second Monday, 7:00 p.m.
Contact: Kristen [email protected]____.com or
Laura ###-###-####

NE Minneapolis and Suburbs
Mettings: First Tuesday, 10:00 a.m.
See our Group page.
Contact: Kelly [email protected]____.com

Good luck!



answers from Lincoln on

I found that wearing a tight sports bra helped with pain after i stopped nursing, especially at night. Try a cold compress too.



answers from Minneapolis on

Talk to a lactation consultant. plus thier is nothing wrong with nursing after 1 year my 17 month old still ask to nurse from time to time, I have just"dryed" up over time and no longer produce milk. I will say weaning can be just as painful as getting your milk in. Good Luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I have heard that chilled cabbage leaves are supposed to help. No personal experience, just what I have been told! Congrats for making it to a full year breastfeeding!

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