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Updated on April 03, 2013
R.K. asks from New York, NY
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can i give baby rice cereal to my 5month old till one month everyday?
my doc advised me to start weaning. what other food items can i give?
can i give baby cereal as well as veg/fruit puree in a day everyday ,one in morning and other in dinner?
how much quntity shud i give everyday of both food.

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So What Happened?

thanks a lot to all guys for guiding me......actually baby showing the signs of weaning...so doc advised me ..I m not going to give my baby more than 2sppoon in day of any food...just want to get knowledge of about weaning..i m first time mum n no knowledge abut of wean....what other word shud I use instead of waening if it is not weaning?
I know verywell weaning time is best after 6month old. I must try then but now giving one baby spoon of food.

I meet many peoples who has started weaning after4month old.....and all teir baby are very well with gud health .
thanks a lot to ll of you to guide me in gud way. I must take care of ur tips in my mind in future.
mrs. rajni arora

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answers from Dallas on

I think there is a language issue here. Weaning in the US usually means the end of breastfeeding or formula feeding. Weaning in the UK means starting solids. You might want to clarify which you mean.

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answers from Washington DC on

First of, I applaud you for breastfeeding your baby, it is not easy. Regarding your questions, the American Pediatrics Association recommends exclusively breasfeeding your child up to 6 months, at a minimum. The preference is 12 months. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you NOT feed your child solids before 6 months unless it is medically necessary. In fact, a study just came out (see CNN health section) discussing this very issue, apparently too many parents introduce solids to their children way too early and forego the benefits of breastmilk. So, unless there is a medical reason that justifies weaning this early, I highly recommend you re-think your decision (and maybe even look for another pediatrician). Also, all babies do not wean themselves. I wish that were the case, but it isnt. I had to wean my LO and it took several weeks. Honestly, he loved nursing and probably wouldve been content to nurse until he turned 2! I cutt out one feeding at a time starting at 12 months (not just his benefit but for mine, this minimized the risk of serious infection). He was completely weaned by 14 months. I did not introduce any solids until he was 6 months, and I started with rice cereal, and then baby oatmeal.

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answers from San Francisco on

If your baby is five months old, he/she should NOT be weaning right now. Babies need breastmilk or formula as their main source of food until at least 12 months. If you want to give baby a little food, start at 6 months and do only one to two teaspoons a day if baby tolerates it ok. Then ask your ped about baby food what to try first based on your baby's specific needs.

But definitely don't decrease any of your babies nursing or bottle feedings until at the very least--12 months. GL

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answers from Washington DC on

Why do you need to wean? Did he just mean start solids or are you looking to stop nursing soon? Breastmilk or formula should be primary for the first year. I was told not to give solids til DD was 6 mo. old. A good site for baby food is wholesomebabyfood.com. Nurse first. Then give food. Before 1 year, it's supplemental, not the main food source.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Your baby definitely still needs breastmilk or formula until he is one year old. If you're currently breastfeeding and want to keep going, there is no reason to wean from that unless you have a medical condition or your baby isn't growing. But if it's going well and you like it, keep doing it. Or, if you're using formula, continue to give the same amount even once you introduce food. The formula (or breast milk) is what gives your baby nutrients; the food just gets him used to eating and experiencing new flavors.

As for actually feeding him, you can start rice cereal if you want, though many doctors recommend waiting until the baby is six months old. Start with just cereal, 1-2 times per day for several days. If that goes well, you can slowly introduce one new food every few days. I often mixed the cereal in with a fruit or veggie puree since the cereal on its own doesn't taste very good. And yes, two meals a day is a good start. In a few months you can increase to three.

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answers from Dallas on

Why did your doctor advise you to start weaning? Is there a medical reason or issue that requires weaning, or is this the doctor's personal belief? If there is no MEDICAL reason from your doctor, and no personal reason for you - that is if you want to continue to breastfeed, then you don't need to stop breastfeeding. Babies will wean themselves usually, and breastmilk is THE BEST FOOD during the first year of life.

Here is a great article from the Mayo Clinic about introducing solids and breastfeeding. According to this article, you do not wean - you just introduce solids and continue to breastfeed.


If your doctor is encouraging you to wean, I would suggest finding a new doctor, as this is NOT appropriate.

I breastfed my son, who is now 6, for 2.5 years. He is 51inches tall and 54 lbs, healthy and doing well :)

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answers from Philadelphia on

My kids went straight to table food at 1 year old. They did not like baby food, so I just continued to nurse them. Babies only need breast milk or formula up to a year. Why is your doctor telling you to start weening already?

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answers from Miami on

Meredith is correct about the meaning of the word "weaning". Just to let you know, it will help you to call it "feeding solid food" rather than to call it weaning. People will understand and it won't scare them that you are not going to give formula or breastmilk anymore, which baby needs more than anything else for the first year of life. Solids are more for getting baby used to different tastes and textures and ready for being off of solely a liquid diet. BUT, the main nutrients are from breastmilk or formula for the first year. You start using a sippy cup at least around 9 months so that baby gets used to it, and is really drinking from it at a year. At a year, you switch from formula (if you are using it) to cow's milk. 4% milkfat too, because baby's brain development needs fat from the cow's milk.

Yes, you can give cereal in the morning and the veggie or fruit at dinner. I would really use the veggies more because baby develops a liking for sweetness and you want baby to like the veggies and meat enough to eat them. If you are a vegetarian, make SURE that you know exactly what to give baby as a substitute for meat so that she gets enough protein. The brain needs fat AND protein. VERY important.

By the way, it's okay to give more than one teaspoon of food. Please don't worry about that. Yes, doctors have changed their recommedation to 6 months, but when MY kids were little, the recommendation was 4 months. And my kids and everybody else's 17 years ago did just FINE.

The reason they say 6 months now is in order to give baby's digestive system time to mature so that it helps prevent food allergies. If you don't give her too many new foods too soon, it will be okay. Maybe introduce a new food every 10 days, taking it slow. If you are using jar food, small baby food jars, there is nothing wrong with a 3rd of a jar of baby food and a couple of teaspoons of rice cereal, adding formula or breastmilk to it (NOT water).

I had boys, R., and they had BIG appetites. I gave them a 1/2 of a jar of food twice a day along with some rice cereal. They did fine and they didn't get fat. When I was a baby, I was really tiny, and my mom only gave me a couple of teaspoons. It really is according to the baby's size and appetite. You know your baby. Just make sure you know that baby needs mostly formula or breastmilk. Food is just for getting used to - not for getting nutrition right now.

Hope this helps,


answers from Rochester on

I'm sorry, I don't understand about the doctor recommending you wean your child at 5 months. Unless this is something you WANT to do (and I was wondering, because your last question was titled weaning as well...), or you need to wean for some medical reason...I want you to know that weaning and beginning solid foods don't have to happen at the same time!

First, you should NOT be weaning a five month old from either the breast or the bottle. I believe the current recommendation for an age to begin solids is 6 months...I don't have problems with starting at 4 or 5 months, but it's really only a learning experience at this point, to get them used to taste and texture...a baby will get almost NO nutrition from baby food and baby cereal because they just don't eat enough of it!

So again, to recap, baby needs all of his nutrition from either breastmilk or formula and should not be weaned from either until he is a YEAR old.

You can begin introducing solids now, but don't expect him to eat more than a bite at first (perhaps not even that...some babies just aren't ready), and slowly work his way up. You can start with once a day, for now, and slowly work up to regular mealtimes.

Again, though, I am a bit worried because you keep calling it weaning. PLEASE don't wean your five month old baby!



answers from New York on

Maybe instead of showing signs of "weaning" you mean your baby is showing signs of wanting to eat solid food? As others have said, breast milk or formula should be the baby's main source of food until a year old. I bet the people you have met that weaned at 4 months were still giving formula to their child. I can't remember the amounts at that age of solid food, but it is really very little. Most ends up on the front of them instead of inside. Usually any number of baby books ("What to expect", Dr. Sears book, Dr. Brazelton, etc) will all have sections on introducing solid food and what kinds and how much you should be feeding.

Good luck with this, and if you DO mean totally cutting out breast AND bottle at 5 months please talk to you pediatrician again because I'm sure you misunderstood his advice.

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