Weaning 17 Month Old

Updated on September 27, 2007
R.S. asks from Ferndale, MI
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My little girl is currently weaning from the breast. I have already stopped her nursey time in the afternoon. She used to nurse to take a nap once or twice a day. So now I tell her that there is no more nursey, and it's only for night time. Well I think she got the wrong idea because now, she is waking up at 1 am to nurse! I think she's trying to make up for lost time or something. Last night she was up from 1am to 4 am wanting to nurse and not wanting to go back to sleep! It was so frustrating. Oh yeah, did I mention we are also co-sleeping. This is like having a newborn all over again. Does anyone have any advice or ideas as to how to make this stop? I don't want to wean and make the transition to her bed all at once. I don't want to shock her too much since she is obviously going through some separation anxiety. Help!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all of you great advice! Ruby is now sleeping through the night again. She adjusted to no "nursey" in the afternoon! Thank goodness! We are still co-sleeping, and that's fine at the moment. Thanks again!

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I hear ya here, I was up at 4am and again at 530 with two of mine...I found that child led weaning was my best bet....again, I am only writing to offer support, we are still waiting for a good nights sleep, lol we co-sleep, baby wear and extended breast feed.
best wishes!

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We co-sleep with my daughter who will be three next month and nighttime weaning was the hardest! I didn't start to wean her until she was 20 months old from her nighttime feedings because that was basically how she would fall asleep. She began what your daughter did with waking up for middle of the night feeding and I gave in and let her nurse one night when she was really crying hard, but after a couple of weeks she didn't even ask anymore and soon thereafter she quit waking up for midnight feedings too. She actually started sleeping in her own room after that for awhile but then I went to New York for a weekend and it fell apart and she's back to co-sleeping with us again ~ but I don't mind. Just do what feels right for you and your daughter ~ you'll get there! Good luck!



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not sure why you want to wean, but I know with my son I had no choice because I was leaving for 5 days and nights he was 19 mo. I did naps first but we still did night for about a month. He was a 2am nurser. I wouldn't let him fall asleep on the breast I would maybe do 10min and keep giving him less- each night. He didn't co sleep and was out of our room at age 5mo - my now 7mo daughter sleeps in her crib next to our bed but if she wakes in the night I put her in bed and nurser her and we will sleep, when i wake i will pick her up and put her back in her crib right next to me. Back to my son when we finished all together he had spent the night at my moms for the first time (we had a wedding & live 2 miles away) so if there was a problem I could go there. No problems untill he saw me and wanted milk so Sundat night my husband put him to bed with no breast milk- he rocked him and again 2am woke up I nursed for less then a min. told him it was all gone - same thing the next night daddy put to bed 2 am but this time I told him all gone and just rocked him a little and that was it. We then had to give a sippy with water a few times when I put him to bed. Hope this helps



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Hi, maybe you should let her nurse in the afternoon? I would rather do that than wake up at 1 am. I am not much help, as I'm nursing my 20-month-old. Your daughter will slowly cut back and eventually wean on her own.

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