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Updated on October 22, 2007
T.L. asks from Garland, TX
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I am looking for touring plans, I have an 8 year old boy, 9 year old girl and a 3 year old boy, does anyone have any touring plans they want to send me, we will be there for 5 days of actual disney time. [email protected]____.com

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T. if this is your first time I would definately save your money and do not purchase the park hopper (this is a pass that you can use to enter multiple parks on the same day), you will most likely spend a whole day at each park. I have been twice and that would be my advice. I went just this August and I just love it! Make sure and visit the nemo and bugs show at Animal Kingdom they are both great. The firework show at Epcot is Spectacular! Parade of lights at Magic Kingdom is awesome... you can go to downtown disney for an evening dinner to relax..the full size lego's that they have built there is really something to see. Have a great time and enjoy it! If your kids like rides make sure and visit the, I believe, Aerosmith roller coaster at MGM and last but not least the laser show there...dont leave without seeing it! Hope this helps! HAVE FUN!!

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Hey, T.

Just got off the phone with my 16-year-old who is going to WDW in Nov with 3 of his cousins, and my sister (his aunt) and her husband.

He told me my sister uses: (not in any order here)


(Make sure you use all lower case letters. I just capped so it would be easier for you to figure out the words.)

Jeremy also told me that these sites are best if you have more than 6 months to plan your trip. Less than 6 months is "crunch time"; 6 months is ok.

I know my sister has been to WDW several times, and she LOVES going. So do the kids, even though my niece that's going is almost 23, and my nephews and son are 16 (yep...all 3 of 'em!)

Anyway, hope this helps you plan your trip!!




answers from Killeen on

Have you checked to see the latest editon of the unoffical guide to disney world in the library? It has touring guides in there you can copy off.



answers from Dallas on

www.mousebuzz.com can also give you some good tips. We are a bunch of disney fanatics that love to share our ideas and experiences! Plus, it's free!


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Hello. My family and I are planning a trip to DW Christmas week. Looking forward to it greatly! I have found this website: http://disneyworld.disney.go.com to be really helpful. You can build your own intenarie (sp) by selecting all the rides, events, etc that you want to visit. They have them all listed under each park or you can search by the ages. You can also make your own map from it. I haven't done that part yet. I believe it will map out your day's plans so that way you aren't spending a lot of time going from one park to the next back to the first, etc. It also gives you a list of all the dining available. You can also sign up for a free DVD that will show you all the different things and gives you tips. It's great to show the kids so they know what to expect and to get really excited. It is a great site. There is sooooo much on there. Check it out! Hope you and your family have a great time!!! Taking 5 full days is the absolute best! You can't see everything or close to it in less days than that!! Have Fun!!!!



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I don't have any plans I can send you but there's a few WDW websites that can help you a bunch with tips and plans.

www.allearsnet.com and
www.passporter.com, I know in the WDW Passporter book (which is a great tool in planning) they do have touring plans.



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We have been twice. I went to Barnes and Nobles and there is a WDW book that gives itineraries. I am sorry I do not remember exactly which one. I leant it to a friend. You can also stop at the Disney Info center outside of Orlando and get the maps to all theme parks as well as the current daily operating schedule. You may even be able to call Disney at 407-W-Disney. Here is the address to the info center. 3601 Southwest 38th Avenue..Ocala, FL 34474...###-###-####. You also get a free gift if you stop by. We get the fast passes, stop and get the maps and map our day at each theme park. We will say for example, we will pick up our fast pass ticket for one ride, go ride another and come back to the fast pass ride when the time indicates on our ticket. Trust me, it is worth the extra money for the fast pass. We always drive because my husband is from Florida so we spend about two weeks there visiting as well as theme parks. Seeing the age of your oldest two kids I would recommend Universal Island of Adventure. My daughter was 8 last time we went and loved it. Actually said it was alot better than Disney. I thought so too.



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I used tourguidemike.com for my resource earlier this year. I thought it was pretty helpful, plus there are message boards so you can compare notes w/ others. They even have a group for each month of the year so you can chat w/ people who are going when you are. It was about $20, if you have any time at all (I only used it for about a month before my trip) I think it is worth it.



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www.mousesavers.com might be of some help to you. We've been to WDW 7 years in a row now. I have never used a "touring plan". Mainly because we just do, 1 park in 1 day and I know we will be going back in years to come.

As you know, with kids, plans change, so be sure to be open to changing your plans at a moments notice.

I have several WDW books, but so far "Walt Disney World For Dummies" is my favorite.

Good luck and remember to have fun! (And if you don't get to do and see everything, you can use that as an excuse to take another trip there!)



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I used this site as reference http://www.allearsnet.com/
It even has a packing list which was helpful because there are a few items that I didn't even think of bringing until I saw it on the list.

Is this your 1st time to WDW? We went our 1st time in April. I definitely recommend the Character dining for sure. If you are staying at one of the WDW resorts, check each day to see which park is doing the extended hours or early hours for resort guests, very nice! You definitely need to go to Magic Kingdom on the extended hours day. There is just way too much to do there and so little time it seems! And since you are going 5 days, I would just do 1 park a day instead of park hopping, just my opinion. Hope this helps.




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Hi T.,
PLEASE buy the book, Birnbaum's Walt Disney World 2007 or 2008, depending when you are going. They mame new books every year. The book gives everything you could ask for-the times to go, where to stay, restraunts, even phone numbers.

When you say 5-day trip, if its Monday thru Friday you are talking about, whatever you do DO NOT go to Magic Kingdom on any Monday. They say it is always the first place everyone wants to go as soon as they get there and the BUSIEST day. Make sure you go any other day if you don't do crowds. Hope you guys have fun and good luck with the planning!

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