Ways to Get Unconstipated (TMI Sorry Moms)

Updated on January 31, 2011
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I was constipated when I was pregnant with my son last year and in turn it caused me to get a fisher (sp?) after I had my son my dr wanted to see if it wasn't hemorrhoids. She used her small pinky finger and barely put it up my rectum and I cried, so from there she did say I had a small tear from being constipated and pushing him out. My son was 5 months old when I found out I was pregnant with number two in September last year. I am again constipated but this time I fear I have two hemorrhoids, they don't really hurt just uncomfortable. I was wondering what are some good ways to become unconstipated? I have tried ducolex, exlax (gave me bad cramps) and colace. I have tried eating more fiber and drinking a lot of water nothing is working for me. I should also mention this pregnancy hasn't been a good one. I have been so sick and I still occasionally get sick. I have only gained like 3lbs but that is ok because at 5'3 I weigh 186lbs. I have lost a lot of weight because of my getting sick a lot. Any advice would help. Thanks moms.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your great responses. I will need to read them over more carefully so I can take in everyone's details. I am not on any anti nausea meds. I only get sick on rare occasions now, but still do none the less. I need to be eating more fruits so I will be getting more when I go to the store in a couple of days. :)

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Pears and/or pear juice. My ped recommended them for my oldest when he got constipated the first time as a little one. I keep them on hand now at all time. It works wonders. They taste a ton better than prunes (I hate those..ugh)

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My lil guy was having this problem. Avoid Bananas, Apples, applesauce etc. Its really interesting that apple juice helps you but apples and applesauce will contribute to the problem. Once I started him on daily probiotics, we never had this problem again. It may be worth a try.

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My prental vitamins had a softener in them, so ask your doctor about this. You might also ask your doctor if you can take a magnesium citrate supplement at night....seems to work like a charm the next morning! Good luck - I know this can be uncomfortable especially with everything else when you are pregnant.

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Sorry to hear you've been so sick. Have you tried Benefiber? I use a little each day and it helps.

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RED GRAPES! :-) No kidding...you eat enough of these and it is a natural laxitive. I found this out by researching it on the internet. And a lot of water and walking. But eat a lot of red grapes and apple juice. Get the seedless red grapes.
You can try Glycerin Suppositories, but I've tried that and NO WAY am I going to try that again.
Try the grapes. I hope they help you like they did me. :-)

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I have heard that eating a whole orange every day can do wonders for constipation. And it's natural so it surely wouldn't hurt to try....



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I dont envy you and I see you got some good suggestions....think of eating fruits with pits, cherries, apricots, peaches.....other types like bananas bind you up so dont eat those! Also, WARM apple juice and instead of laxatives try stool softners; they might help and they dont hurt you. Prunes are good, water and fiber. HOpe it eases up for you. When I got sick feeling while pregnant, I drank water with lemon and it seemed to help. Good luck



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look into Vitamin C for relief. Ask your dr or google it.



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Ask your OB if it is ok for you to take Miralax. It is a gentle, over-the-counter laxative. It doesn't cause painful gas or cramps. It works really well.


Ask your OB if it is ok for you to take Miralax. It is a gentle, over-the-counter laxative. It doesn't cause painful gas or cramps. It works really well.



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Taking laxitives can be really harsh for your system. I would suggest making it a practice of drinking prune juice each day. I know what you may be thinking ("Yuck!") but I tried it recently after avoiding it for years and thinking that it was only for old people. It really isn't that bad and it does help to soften up all that junk that has to come out of you.

There are also yoga exercizes that you can do to help with digestion and elimination but I don't know what modifications you should do when you are pregnant. I would definitely recommend drinking some prune juice each day to help you with this though. It's safe and natural.

Congratulations on your pregnancy.



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Dried fruit, especially cherries and apricot, work for me. A small handful daily helps keep me regular during pregnancy. Good luck!



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You should really talk to your doctor. What might be recommended for someone else might not work for you. Since you're pregnant and having a difficult time, it's really necessary that you talk about this issue with your OB before you take any OTC meds.
Prunes always get things moving for me. The SunSweet ones in the individual wrappers aren't too bad. Raisins work too. Other than that, any and all "P" fruits (pears, peaches, prunes). My oldest has always had constipation problems. We give her the Light Pears in pear juice. I try to get her to eat almost a whole can in 24 hours. That almost always gets things moving!
Keep drinking water, 8 8 oz glasses a day at least. Lay off of the constipating foods like dairy and too much iron.


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Ok, this is weird, but it works for me. I rarely get constipated, but when I do I buy Hillsbrothers white chocolate and caramel "coffee" mix (found in most grocery stores). After mixing it with milk (has to be milk), I go within 10 minutes. I love the taste but I only buy it when I am constipated. If I drank it all the time I would never leave the restroom. The great thing is, it's not loaded with caffiene, so it's not like drinking REAL coffee.
I hope you find something that works! Good Luck!


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Are you on meds for nausea? Some of those are the worst constipating drugs on the planet. So bad in fact that I'd opt for the nausea (Listen, i had a fissure too after my first child that required surgery. So I know all about not wanting to get constipated). With second pregnancy, I didn't take anti nausea drugs, and ate a ton of fiber and water. Stay with tons of fiber and water. If thats not enough here are my intervention preferences: glycerol supositires (which are non laxative) are my first attempt. They work great if you are just a little backed up and are better than fleets enemas which will sting like the dickens if you have hemroids or a fissure. Then if i need something more, a dulcolax suppository, which is a laxative.

About the fissure. You are susceptible to getting another one because you have a week point where you tore before. Good high fiber diets are fine, but some drugs can do you in and if you take them, you need to take counter measures. Take stool softeners. Get off anti nausea pills, and if for any reason you are given antibiotics (like if you get a c-section) make sure you take probiotics to get your natural gut flora going again, because no amount of fiber in the world will help you if you don't have normal flora in the gut.

to recap, get on and stay on stool softeners while prego and after (most fissures happen postpartum). Figure out what drugs you are taking that may cause constipation and determine if they are worth staying on. If for any reason you take antibiotics, get on a pro-biotic as well to help restore natural healthy bacteria. Use glycerol suppositories to make sure you move your bowels at least once per day. Also prune juice daily may help.
Also, iron causes constipation. Are you taking a prenatal vitamin? Talk with your dr. about getting on a low dose iron prenatal, or just make the switch yourself to a non prenatal multivitamin.



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Prunes and Prune Juice, Shredded wheat cereal, apple juice.

I give my 3 year old a small about of prune juice mixed with apple juice and about a cup of shredded wheat cereal a day. This changed her from severe constipation to regular. Also you need to drink plenty of fluids. Your intestines need to have fluids to pull into the bowel to soften the bowel.



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2 things are my life savor. I drink a cup of coffee maybe 1-2 times a week. I drink a glass of water before and then literally 10 min within finishing my cup- I'm in the bathroom. Or another option which is totally safe while prego is a glycerin suppository. Its just a little bullet thing you insert into your rectum. Then it melts and makes everything nice and lubricated to come out. If you use it, lay down after you put it in for 20 min. If you put it in and try to walk around- you will be on the toilet in 2 seconds and just the suppository will come out. I was horribly constipated with my first pregnancy, I am know on my second and i haven't been at all. I was well prepared how to handle it. Happy toileting :)


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Start blending fruits in a blender and drink them EVERY day. Apples and pears with the skins on are the best fiber they blend nicely with a little milk and ice. You will not get unconstipated overnight tho, you must eat a balance of fiber every day with lots of liquid.
I'm not sure if its okay to have milk of magnesia while you are pregnant but if find out is I would take a big dose of it before you go to bed, it will get things moving and then start paying attention to what you put in your mouth. If you eat healthy for the rest of your pregnancy you will lose some of that extra weight you have going on. Obesity can cause roids too.
Good luck.

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