Watery Eye in Toddler

Updated on March 22, 2009
N.D. asks from Montgomery, IL
4 answers

Hi Moms-

Need some help here. My 26 month old daughter seems to have just one eye that is watering excessively. It is not falling on the cheek watering but it's definitely pooling in her eye. There is no crusty areas to it, no redness or other signs that it's from an abrasion or pink eye. Thoughts on why it would just be the one eye and what it could be?

Your helps is gratefully appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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My husband recently had a bit of puffiness under one eye and the eye was watery - turned out to be a sinus infection. He didn't have any other symptoms (no fever or anything.)


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Hi N.-

I agree with what Becky posted.... possibly a blocked tear duct??? I would have your daughter's peditrician check it soon to make sure there is not an infection.



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It sounds like what my son has. Our doc said it was a clogged tear duct. Often times it goes away after massaging several times a day with a warm washcloth... but my son's hasn't gone away yet after a couple months yet. If your daughter's doesn't go away in a few days, I'd probably have the doc check it out, just to be safe and to ensure it's not an infection.



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My daughter has had this same problem too. We are going to her 2 year well visit on Wednesday, I will let you know what my doc. says. Thanks for posting.

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