Water Softener

Updated on March 29, 2007
L.A. asks from Overland Park, KS
7 answers

Does anyone have an inhome water softener? I'm just looking into them, and not sure where to start.

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answers from San Diego on

The water softener is a must at our home due to eczema. We can feel the difference when we visit family who does not have a water softening system. The only caution to ask your doctor if anyone in your family has hypertension as the salt used in the softening system may absorb through their skin over time. Just head to home depot or Lowe's and the sales rep will answer your question. Pay a little extra for them to install it for you as they will know to bypass the sprinkler system so you don't necessarily water your lawn with the salt treated water. Enjoy



answers from Oklahoma City on

We are building a house on 2 acres & will have well water. We just purchased a water softener that doesn't use salt. Here's the website: http://www.no-salt.com/. It costs a little more than a conventional salt water softener, but it's better for your skin, hair etc. The salt can build up on your hair and skin. I have a friend who wants to switch from Culligan to this system. Culligan is charging them $50 a month for salt! One year at that rate & you almost have this system paid for! We won't get to move in until June, so we haven't used it yet, but it's supposed to be the latest & greatest thing. We also have an aerobic septic system which cleans the water & sprays it into the yard, so we had to get a salt less softener since we couldn't spray salt water on our grass.



answers from Kansas City on

we have one and i love it!! almost no scrubbing the bathtub or sinks, use very little soap/detergent. just make sure you get one that has easy to find (and affordable) salt pellets. you may also want to check consumer reports (at the library if you don't have a subscription or can't find anything online) to find which ones are reliable.



answers from Killeen on

We have one and love it. We got ours through Rayne, we also got a water purification with ours and it came with a 2 gallon container(I think that is how big) so you will always have clean water.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Hi L.,

We moved into our home about 6 months ago and this is our first experience with a well and a water softener. I would not have had a clue about them either had the Culligan man not shown up to inquire if we wanted to continue to rent theirs. I just wanted to let you know that renting is an option. If you have not yet discovered, they are not cheap. With tax and everything, we pay $29/mo. We just got on their delivery schedule which I would completely recommend. They deliver and restock your tank every 8 weeks or so. When you take advantage of that service, you end up paying around $7/per bag vs. around $4 if you bought it yourself at the home improvement store. But you have to keep in mind that they weigh like 50 pounds, so it's totally worth the convenience of not having to pick it up or pour it into the tank, plus it's not fun to run out. Hope I've helped in your research. Good luck!



answers from Joplin on

We have one from Hague (not sure on that spelling) and we love it. It is a purifier and softener in one.



answers from Enid on

I have an in home water softner and reverse osmosis. I love them both, no more buying bottled water. You need to call a local place such as Ecowater or Culligan and have them come talk to you about the benefits.

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