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Updated on January 04, 2007
B.D. asks from Augusta, GA
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I am only 25 and I am exhausted all the time. I take a nap everyday and go to bed by 9 or 9:30 ussually, and I am still always exhausted, I am a mother of a 2 year old boy, Hunter. I would like more energy to do stuff with him, my mom said water pills would prob help. I also have excess weight that i dont think is caused by eating, its like i am just retaining all this weight.. please help!

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So What Happened?

My son had a doctors appointment last friday, while we were there I had my thyroid checked yesterday they called and said it was fine. Maybe its just being a single mom with a 2 year old son who wont listen at all.Being overweight doesnt help either.. Thanks for all the advice.

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Funny, but I was thinking you should have your thyroid checked as well. Sounds like a lot of the symptoms my mom experienced. She takes medication that makes everything better now. Hope it all goes well.



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Hi There,
You need to go and get a physical and have your Thyroid levels checked. The thyroid gland is key in your metabolism and if your levels are too low you may have hippo thyroidsm which causes fatigue, wheight gain amongs other simptoms. Sometimes pregnancy may alter the thyroid levels, so I suggets before taking anything get a complete physical exam.




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I've honestly never heard of taking water pills. I'd try to drink lots of water, make sure you are eating right and taking a multivitamin. Try to get outdoors with your child at least once a day and do something active... that always helps pull me out of a funk.



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I would look into getting your thyroid checked. Those symptoms sound like it could be hypothroidism. Good luck and I hope all turns out well!



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If you find out anything---PLEASE let me know. I am soooooooo in your shoes!!!!! I get up at 7:00 and it is all I can do to make it till 1:00 and go down for a nap. I heard today on the T.V. that a spoonfull of pure honey should give you energy for about 5 hours--I will let you know how that works out.



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I know how you feel i'm 24 with two kids and overweight. I dont recommend water pills. The water pills will keep you exhausted also you are only loosing water, not fat so its not a good method of weight loss. What has worked for me is drinking a lot of water, no soda and eating 5-6 small meals throught the day of the right foods. It gives you energy, your not hungry and it helps you loose weight. I lost 10 lbs and i go 50lbs to go.

I also agree with Andrea L. get your thyroid checked. I did and found out that after my last pregnancy I developed Hyperactive thyroid and graves disease. Many people who have hyperactive thyroid usually loose the weight for some like me, it dosnt work that way.



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I am a single Mom with 2 kids, 8 and 3 and a half. I have never heard of taking water pills, but I agree that cutting out sugar and drinking lots of water helps me stay energetic. Also, I remember when my son was 2, and I was also always tired. It may be a health issue, but it is also the stage you are in as a parent. I think most boys are especially active at this age. My son has really slowed down this year and my house and my state of mind are totally different then they were a year ago.

I think it is also easy to spend a lot of energy chasing your child and then you sit down to a big, heavy meal like pasta and meat because you need to refuel to keep up with them. I find this stops me up and makes me feel tired and sluggish. Instead, I blend fresh fruits with protein powder in the blender and have a hamburger or steak at least once a week to keep my iron up. I have also been eating raw kale, which doesn't taste all that great at first, but has really wonderful, wonderful health benefits and is a great source of vitamins and minerals. Sometimes I get caught up in keeping after my children and keeping the house clean on top of working and I feel so tired because it's all going to have to be done again tomorrow....It really helps to give myself a break by taking the kids for a walk in the woods, or going to the castle park, or for a walk at Memorial Park. It is a great thing too to tell yourself, out loud once a day, that you are doing a great job, especially as a single Mom!

Best wishes for a great 2007,



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I want to encourage you as well to get your thyroid checked. I was exactly the same way- I slept all the time and had no energy. I felt like such a bad mother for never feeling like playing with my daughter. Plus I suddenly had an extra 30 pounds I couldn't get rid of.

I went to try to get diet pills and my dr. checked my thyroid and I was very hypothyroid.I've been on medication for a year and a half now. You have to try different ones, synthetic, natural, etc to see what works for you. Armour thyroid seems to be working- I'm finally starting to lose weight. Slowly but it's beginning to come off. And I have more energy than i have had in years. I think my thyroid got messed up when I was pregnant. I read that severe hormonal traumas (like pregnancy and giving birth) can set it off. I strongly recommend you getting it checked out. Godd luck!

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