Water in Ear After Swimming

Updated on May 06, 2012
T.R. asks from Altamonte Springs, FL
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My daughter is 4 and has ear pain just after her swim lesson tonight, she's crying over it. I'm assuming it's water in her ear, so I tried to help her shake it out, I tried alcohol to dry it up, and still she has pain. I gave her Ibuprofen, not sure if that will help. Has anyone had this happen to their little one before? I remember when I was a kid, getting water in my ear a lot after swimming, but I was big enough to shake it out by hopping on one foot (she couldn't do that), and I don't remember it hurting that much. Anyway, any ideas ?? Thanks moms.
**maybe I didn't put enough alcohol in...?

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So What Happened?

It's not swimmers ear or infection (yet), she literally was walking from the pool and into the car, when saying her ear hurt from the pool, that's not enough time for bacterial growth. My 1st thought was it was just water in her ear, of course if it doesn't come out, then it could get infected. Also, Ella V mentioned ear wax, and now that I think of it, she had that happen once not too long ago..,she's sleeping now, so I will reassess in the morning. Thanks moms

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Go to the drug store and get swimmer's eardrops. They dry out the water in the ear canal.

Now, I want to say that what I really think is that she has swimmer's ear. And that needs a doctor's attention. Swimmer's ear is VERY painful. And it can travel into the middle ear.

The doctor can give you prescription eardrops, as well as antibiotics, if needed. Meanwhile, you can stave off swimmer's ear by putting the over-the-counter drops I mentioned in the first sentence after she comes home from each practice or swimming trip.


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sounds like swimmers ear.
You probably should take her in BUT I always put a little vinegar and peroxide in my kids ears right after a swim session to fix the ph. Sounds like hers has already festered into an infection. If her outer ear hurts to the touch it's swimmers ear.
You might do well in the future to plug her ears before she swims.
I did well with the vinegar peroxide douche right out of the water tho, it worked well for me and my kids, as I was prone to it as well.

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I would take her to the Doctor.
She is having pain.

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So sorry for her.
In my country,they put few drops of warm water inside the ear as a bait, then turn down the ear so the " old" +" new" water can go out together. You must turn it fast after the dropping.
Or try to absorb with cotton buds, but it is not that always effective.
Could it be possible that she has earwax. I met a woman whose ears hurt after the shower, turn out that it is the earwax buildups.
So far, the water bait works for me. The position of the head when you do the dropping must be 90 degrees to the left if the it is the right ear, then turnit to the right right away. Good luck mom.
Hope she gets well.

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go to Swimmers ear on the internet it helps



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Better than alcohol (and less dangerous, since alcohol can be absorbed through the skin), is white vinegar. A few drops--then let it sit for ten seconds, then drain--and she should be fine the next day. I've used it for years when I or the kids get an earache. It's anti-fungal, but it helps no matter what's in one's ears.

It also helps soften ear wax, and several doctors have said it's safe and effective (I've checked).

Hope this helps!


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Swimmer's ear - there is a medication you can pick up at CVS/Walgreens/RiteAid whatever drugstore of your choice. It will help. I typically used a hair dryer on med & cool after swimming to prevent it - seemed to work!

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