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Updated on August 06, 2007
H.P. asks from Akron, OH
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OK, I am almost 38 weeks and i have dialated 1 centimeter. However, everyone talks about your water breaking and knowing it but my concern is they either tell you it is a gush or a trickle. I am sure I will know the gush but what if it is a trickle will you really know or just think you need to pee. This is my first baby and i am starting to get really nervous. Any help would be great!!!

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answers from Cleveland on

I had the same concern and mine was more like a trickle, but it felt like I had peed my pants a lil, thats how I knew. Hope it helps.



answers from Canton on

When I had my first child there was no large gush it was the "trickle" I realized after feeling no pressure in my bladder at all, that it was my water breaking, and not needing to go to pee. The trickle happened once and I changed thinking I had an accident, but the second time it happened a 1/2 hour later, I knew it was different. I really think you will know it's your water, because it just happens and you have no control and no feeling at all of having to go to the bathroom. I don't know if this helps at all, and I know how scary the first child is when you do not know what to expect in going into labor. I can say this, you know your own body, and anything that seems "out of the norm" go on your instincts. Good luck with everything, I wish you well.



answers from Cleveland on

IF your water breaks..you know it whether its a gush or a trickle. Pee you can stop the flow of. When your leaking amniotic fluid you have no control.
In my case. I had just woke up and went to the restroom. Not two minutes after I sat down at the computer and oh my! I first thought I was peeing but I couldn't control it. It just keeps coming out. Its pretty gross.
Have some towels ready for to protect your car seat on the way to the hospital!



answers from Cleveland on

As a mother of 4 I hate to say your water may not break. There's nothing to worry about. It could gush or trickle but somehow you will know. When its time your instincts will kick in and everything will be fine. Congratulations and enjoy every minute.

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