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Updated on December 03, 2008
N.M. asks from Highland Park, MI
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Hi im going to be giving birth soon and was cosidering a water birth but dont know any thing about them is there any one who can inform me on this

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answers from Benton Harbor on

Waterbirths are awesome! My second child was a waterbirth. I felt more in control and in tune with my body. I spent as much time as possible in warm baths or a cool jacuzzi to ease my pregnancy aches and pains so I was very comfortable getting into the birthing pool. It really helped me to relax. I was able to reach down and be the first to touch my babies head. The midwife helped me bring the baby to my chest. I also birthed the placenta in the water and I then wished I would have got out of the tub for that. Message me with any more specific questions. You could ask me anything. I love talking about my water birth and would definitely recommend it to everyone! You should ask for a birthing tub in the room and then see how you feel about it once you are in labor. You don't have to get in but it's nice to have the option.
South Haven Hospital is very familiar with water births. It's not the closest hospital to me but it was worth the drive.

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answers from Detroit on

I had a water birth with my 3rd baby at UofM in AnnArbor. I LOVED it! I really think that it help lessen the pain of transition. I delivered with the mdwives I'm not sure if the OB dr's will do a water birth.
Many blessings! I hope that you can have a water birth!



answers from Saginaw on

One of my friends had a water birth last month and she LOVED IT!!! I would be happy to give your contact information to her if you like :)



answers from Jackson on

I did the Bradley method. I googled it and found a teacher in my area and took the classes. Best thing I did for myself, my pregnancy and my baby!



answers from Detroit on

Congratulations. There supposed to be amazing, help support your body's weight and a gentle transition into this world for baby too. No sudden temp change.
My best friend had one with both her babies, and loved it. Here's a link to more info.


Happy Birthing to you, A. H



answers from Detroit on

I think Providence Hospital has a water birth option.



answers from Detroit on

There are very few places that will actually let you have the baby IN the water. Def. ask around...
Even if you can't find anyone around you that will let you have the baby in the water I HIGHLY suggest using a tub.
I found it to be very helpful and relaxing.
All of the things you hear about being in the tub I have found to be true. It relaxes you, softens up the stretchy parts :-), you don't feel the contractions quite as much since you are bouyant. etc etc...
My only thing was I couldn't have the jacuzzii jets on. The vibrations annoyed me during labor.
Most hospitals have submersable monitors just in case they want to monitor you thru labor so if you WANT to get in the tub... DO IT! FOllow what YOU want to do. :-) They will follow YOU.

Good luck and remember... Each contraction you go thru is one LESS that you HAVE to go thru to get that muchkin in your arms.



answers from Detroit on

Providence Southfield has the ABC. I believe you will need to go to the midwife practice that delivers there...Metro Partners. You will probably want a Doula since they increase your chance of a natural birth and help you stick with your plan.

Please have a plan - read Natural childbirth books (Ina May). Be informed.

I was not informed with my son and had a c-section due to lack of progression which I believe (and these books document)is from pit, drugs, not being able to move and stuck in bed. This time I am going natural and delivering at Providence Southfield with a midwife and doula. I wish I was informed the first time around.

That being said there are many situations where medical intervention is needed and may need to happen with you as nothing ever goes as planned. If I have to have a repeat c-section so beit because all I want is a healthy child.

Good luck!



answers from Detroit on

Natassia ~
If you're due to deliver soon, it might be too late to start thinking about something like that....
Do you see a doctor or a midwife? I don't know any doctors that do water births. Some midwives do. But if you're not already seeing one, it's not the best time to switch...insurance doesn't cover the lay midwives that deliver at home...it's cash only with them. Midwives at hospitals do more one on one with patients (usually) than doctors do, but still don't do waterbirths. Some places (like Providence's alternative birthing center and the hospital I work at) offer jet tubs for labor. Our policy is that you can be in the tub with a doctor's order, but not for more than 20 minutes at a time, and not if you're on pitocin, GBS +, and other limits.
You can look up water births on the internet and get alot of information, but you should start with your doctor or midwife first to see if it's even an option.

If you're planning on making a birth plan, make sure you cover everything with your doctor or midwife first. Some things aren't optional when you're at a hospital.
Email me if you want to discuss a birth plan (although I don't usually recommend them ~ it seems most often that when a patient comes in with one, they end up having a c-section.) I'm an OB nurse and might be able to help with some of it. I've had alot of patients with birth plans that never discussed anything with their doctor, and alot of things written down that don't necessarily have to be.
good luck!



answers from Detroit on

I am also pregnant and would LOVE to have a waterbirth. The problem is, unless you have a homebirth, there's not too many hospitals around here that offer it.

My midwives deliver out of Troy Beaumont and they'll let you labor in the tub but they make you get out before you deliver the baby. It's the hospital's policy.

I know Providence Hospital has an ABC (Alternative Birth Center) that allows waterbirths.



answers from Lansing on

Check with your doctor. Some don't offer them. But most will let you soak in the tub for relief. It is important you discuss all your birthing ideas and options early so the doctor has time to accomidate you.

But most important remember it's a birth plan and sometimes you have to change plans. (Not to scare you but don't have a picture in your head. It's upsetting when things have to change up.) relax and go with it. Best of luck!!

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