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Updated on April 19, 2012
A.S. asks from Glendora, CA
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Does drinking a lot of water actually help your skin to look better? Has anyone ever witnessed this first hand? So many people say drinking 8-10 glasses of water does all these great things but then you read about how "experts" are saying this isn't actually true. So I am wondering, do you drink a lot of water (or did you start doing so after not doing it) and did/do you really see any benefits with your skin, or weight loss or energy? I don't drink any soda, just water and tea but I never seem to drink 8 glasses... just wondering if there really are benefits out there.

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answers from Washington DC on

i agree with jo. my skin DOES look better now that i'm trying very hard to get 8 glasses a day in. but i think it's because i was constantly dehydrated before.
i honestly don't usually get 8 either, but close. if you're only drinking water and tea as it is, you probably WON'T see a big difference because you're already doing it right.

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answers from St. Louis on

I don't think it is so much that drinking lots of water makes your skin look good as it is not drinking enough water makes it look bad. Most people don't get enough water.

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answers from Washington DC on

The main reason people say drinking plenty of water helps your skin is because a large quantity of water will flush out the toxins in your system. Remember, caffeine is a diuretic, so even though you don’t drink soda; you do drink tea (which does have caffeine), so you can't count those ounces towards your daily intake. In addition, the 64oz. of water a day requirement is all-inclusive (meaning straight water and the water that’s trapped in fruits and vegetables). Finally, studies have shown that drinking room temperature or warmer water is easier for your body to metabolize.

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answers from Dallas on

I've heard research on this from all over the spectrum. Some people say its necessary some people say it's not. I think it's a personal thing. At different times in our lives or during the day, we need more water than other times. I do think that on average, people don't drink enough water. I know people that NEVER drink water, EVER, only soft drinks. That just seems silly to me, I'd be sick if I never drank water. I hardly ever drink coffee because it dehydrates me. I get easily dehydrated, and it causes muscle spasms in my back. During the day I prefer my water at room temperature, at night I like it cold. I try to drink about four large glasses of water per day, which would be about 8 servings.

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answers from St. Louis on

Your body needs water to function, not to make you beautiful or lose weight. I drink primarely water, and I have adult acne! Skin health is hormones and a lot of other things.

Without water your body cannot perform neccessary chemical reactions.

If you're looking to get better skin - try to keep an eye on when your skin is at its worse. My acne is related to my hormones. I'm young enough that I currently don't have to worry about aging skin - but I really don't care if I age, I think it's pretty! But keep an eye and what causes you to "flare up" with bad skin, and try to find a way to fix the problem. Go to a dertmatoligist for specific issues. They will be your best friend!

If you want to lose weigh - Well, this is a big question!!! I read about weight loss and exercise techniques for fun and I'm considering getting a personal trainer certification so if you want to talk about you, your body, your life style, and your desires for change, message me and we can talk about it. :) I'm helping many friends lose weight for health reasons and they've really enjoyed hearing the truth and the science rather than the BS in ladies magazines.

If you want energy - read into the Glycemic Index. This is the most natural way to gain energy. Higher intake of slow digesting carbohydrates = more long term energy, no extreme blood sugar changes, no middle of the day not-needed naps!

Hope this helps, sorry it was long.

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answers from Los Angeles on

So funny ... i was just getting teased about this today. I hate water.. always have.. then a year or so ago i drank propell.. it's flavored water no calories has some vitamins..and I have noticed a huge difference in my skin... now I seriously have 4-6 bottles during the day at work.. and two at home.. I was told I was going to have a land drowning.. lol... I buy the packets its cheaper and use the free water at work.
Not sure it has made an impact on weight loss or energy but my skin is awesome.. well maybe a little help from botox as well..lol..



answers from Los Angeles on

It's been said that the stress of trying to drink more water than your body tells you you need, is more harmful than drinking less than the 8-glass quota.

I used to drink 2litres of water a day, no coffee, no tea, no meat, no dairy, no fried food, no sugar, etc., etc.. My friends used to say I was on a permanent detox, but it was just the way I lived my life. I got the occasional spot/break out around the time of my period, but that was it.

Then, when I was pregnant with my son, I craved meat. Eating meat caused regular break outs - still does. Meat is the only thing which has had a noted effect on my skin - meat and lack of sleep.

Just listen to your body. Hope this helps. X


answers from Washington DC on

Yes. WATER, not bubbly/carbonated, helps YOUR WHOLE BODY!!! Your body NEEDS water to survive. It helps with weight, complexion and much much more!!!

If you drink TOO much water (over a gallon a day) you can have what they call a "land drowning" where your body literally drowns with too much water.


answers from Spokane on

Personally my skin is much better when I am drinking enough water. When I don't I tend to break out, even at 37!!!!



answers from Detroit on

I agree with Jo W. on this. I drink way more than the recommended amount of water per day (I'm constantly drinking it, carry a water bottle everywhere -- I've already had 40 oz and it's only 11 am!) and my skin is crappy. Constant clogged pores on my face, dry skin, etc. So I don't think it helps me personally.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I think if you have enough water in your system when you sweat you don't sweat out Dr. Pepper or Coke residue...lol. I drink way too much pop.

I think that when a person has enough water in their system their sweat will be more of a cleansing process instead of a pore clogging process.

I do think dehydration can be a serious issue and that most people get fluids they don't realize. They come in all kinds of clear stuff like Jello, Apple Juice, Clear Broth, Juices without pulp, Honey, Ice Pops, Tea, Coffee, even drinks like Gatorade is a clear liquid. So they do count towards the water/fluid intake at least in some way.

I do think that most people don't realize it's cups of water per day, not glasses. I don't own a single glass that is 8oz. Nearly every glass I have is at least 16oz and most are 20oz. So each 16oz glass holds 2 servings of water. If you drink even one larger glass of water throughout the day then drink tea in a similar way you are getting at least 24 oz. of water per day.

One thing a lot of people don't do too is find what temperature you like your water to be. One friend only likes water at room temperature, another only drinks it the temperature out of the faucet. Me? I like a snow cone for mine. The colder the better. If it's not cold enough to make condensation on the outside it's way too warm for me. One friend only drinks flavored water or she gags. She does not buy any that have sweeteners of any kind in them though, just flavors like lemon or a fruit of some kind.

So to help me drink water I keep cups around from places like 7-11 or McDonalds. I rinse them out so they are clean then put as much ice in them as possible and add the filtered water out of the fridge. Then as I go through the day it is always there. I find that a 44oz cup full of ice will hold about 16 oz. of water. So each time I empty the cup I know I have drank about 2 servings of water. If I keep this cup in the fridge and go get a sip or even chug it very often I will fill it up at least once more during the day.

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