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Updated on April 12, 2013
R.K. asks from New York, NY
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One of my friend lives in London and her daughter is 6month old. She wants to give veg puree to her baby with boiled cooled water but when she boils the water. A white layer comes on water while boiling and it didn't remove after cold it.
So what should she do for removing the white layer?
Is it fine if water layer doesnt not remove?
Can she give this water after boiling?


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So What Happened?

Thanks to all for your response. Is to OK to give bottle water of market to a baby?
She wants the water for boiling pulses?

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answers from Wichita Falls on

There are a lot of REALLY old pipes in London. I would not use the tap water for drinking or cooking. When I lived in Lubbock, we would get purified water for about $.25 a gallon for drinking and cooking (the water is very hard there). I don't know if London has something similar but I would check it out.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

I think she should buy water......

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answers from New York on

I am currently living in London and the water is very hard here and everything ends up with a white film in it. If she needs to give the baby water have her buy bottled water or get a Brita filter. Also have her get the pipes inspected. Sounds like they may need replacing.



answers from New York on

The white layer is lime. I'm not sure if its safe for a baby, your friend should ask their pediatrician. I used tap water for tea and had no problems, so maybe your friend could boil the water??



answers from New York on

Does she realize that she does not have to add water. Pureeing veggies alone always worked well. I am assuming we are talking about cooked veggies.



answers from Washington DC on

I wouldn't use it, and you do have to be careful giving babies bottled water. If necessary give a baby specific water like Nursery water.

If she needs to add liquid, she can always add formula or breast milk to the veggies, or some applesauce to add some liquid. I made all my own veggies for my boys and they really don't need that much liquid, so formula or breast milk shouldn't alter the taste.

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