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Updated on July 05, 2008
B.T. asks from New Braunfels, TX
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I have a 4mnth old son and I was wondering when is it ok to give him water? I do not plan to substitute any feedings, but use as a suplement. I am a fisrt time mom and I hear conflicting info. Please help??

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So What Happened?

Thank you again for all your responses and words of advice. I talked to my ped and he said that I could give water in the amount of one bottle in a 24 hr period. I will try it today and see what happens...so far trying solids(rice cereal) has not been a hit. I am glad to hear that other moms give water also. This site is awesome!! Thanks!!

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Hey B., You're not suppose to give children under 12 months water or dilute their formula/breastmilk with water due to the risk of water intoxication... the kidneys of infants are not developed enough to process water and even what seems like a little water can shut down their system, cause brain swelling, etc.

Do an internet search of 'water intoxication, infant' for more info...



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They have a nursery water for infants. I think the diff is that it doesn't have floride. My little one was about 8 months old wen I started, but only because it didn't get hot until then. When she would sweat a lot or if we swam that day, I would give her a bottle of water. You might ask her ped. The hospital I devlivered at had a hotline for questions like this. That was in Indiana though. Does your hospital have such a hotline? Rules like this change nearly daily. There is always a new study for this and a new study for that.



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B., im also a first time mom, and my baby did not have a bowel movement for a whole day and my doctor told me to put 1 teaspoon of karo syrup in 4 oz. Of water and to give him 2 oz. In the morning and and 2 more in the evening. He was only 1 week old!! But it helped... Of course he would not drink the whole 4 oz. Because he was so little, but ever since then i have been giving him nursery water (i only add the syrup if he gets constipated) but my doctor said it was safe enough to give it to him everyday. Try asking your doctor, and if you do try it, make sure you sit him up really straight because they do choke on it more since it is thinner than their formula! Good luck!



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Just my advice but we never gave our baby water that young - all they need is milk until they are ready for cereal, etc. Ask the doctor, that is a good question that the doctor's nurse can even answer.

Take care.


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Well we tried to give our little man water at that age and he looked at us like we were nuts! It was so funny, he just screwed up his little face like "where's the milk!!!??" So I think it is just fine as long he wants it and you give him just a small amount. I don't think water can ever really hurt anyone as long as you don't give too much. I think bottled water is a good idea to start. My boy is turning one next week and loves water now! Best wishes!!



answers from College Station on

Hi B.,

I used to buy Nursery Water for my 2 when they were little. All I know is their urine did not have a strong odor whenever I changed their diapers. Every baby is different. I gave it to mine, their immune systems are very good.



answers from Austin on

I'm not a medical professional or anything and my kids are older now (4 and almost 3), but I remember giving my kiddos about 2 oz. of bottled water in a sippy cup at about 5 or 6 months when we first started learning how to use a cup. Tap water can be harsh and dangerous on little tummies, so use bottled or nursery water first (something about Nitrates).

The American Academy of Pediatrics has some good info. on their website. Here are a few highlights:
1 - breastfed exclusive babies don't need water supplemented
2 - formula feed babies - 2 oz as needed from 4-6 months - sippy cup preferred
3 - no juice before 6 months. Juice only in a cup, not bottle, only 3 oz per day, never exceed 6 oz. per day of 100% juice
4 - juice is directly related to short stature and obesity in children! (so water is better than juice, juice isn't even necessary!)

You can go to their website: www.aap.org
Another website I love is Dr. Sears: www.askdrsears.com

Best of luck mama! Enjoy your new little one! I love them at 4-6 months or so when they reach maximum chubbness! The have all those cute folds in their arms and legs - adorable. Then they start movin' and it all just melts away! :)

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