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Updated on November 08, 2011
M.M. asks from Alden, IA
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My 16 month baby girl can't stop watching TV. Anytime I on it she comes and sits in the front of TV.How long can she watch? Is it okay to watch nursery rhymes for her age?

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answers from Portland on

Studies suggest that kids under two years should not watch television. It can apparently keep certain brain areas from developing properly, and cause problems later with concentration in school. And watching television does little to nothing for developing speech. Kids need to interact face-to-face with live people in order to really take in language, grammar and pronunciation. Even watching televised faces doesn't do the job. (

Your daughter is only 16 months, so YOU are the one who gets to decide whether she will or won't watch. Have you considered just listening to music while she's awake? There are plenty of CD's made especially for children. My grandson loved these, and also adult music.

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answers from Redding on

Why wouldn't she want to watch a TV if it's on? They're pretty fascinating objects.
There's talking, music during commercials. Are those actually super tiny people in that box?
She doesn't understand what TV is all about any more than she understands why some of her toys make noise and other ones don't.
I personally don't think that a television being on is intrinsically bad for children. There are lots of educational and age appropriate things for kids to hear in the background or look at. Obviously you want play time and activities and things to do with her that don't involve television, but I don't think a little TV will harm her.
That's just my opinion.

Little Bear is a super sweet animated show with mellow music and nice themes and imagery.

My son is 16 and he still says that was his favorite show.

All things in moderation of course, but if TV becomes a problem, there is always the off button.

Best wishes.

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answers from Washington DC on

Check this out:

The American Academy of Pedatrics, just last month, issued new findings that kids under age 2 should be as "screen-free" (TV, computer, smartphones, games) as possible. And they found that much so-called "educational programming" isn't educational or even useful. So, she shouldn't watch TV, period, and if she does, there really isnt' much that's worthwhile for her to watch, certainly not at 18 months, when even "educational" slow shows for kids are probably overstimulating for her.

Even "nursery rhymes" at her age are just visual stimulation with zero interactivity for her. The more someone reads to her, talks to her, plays with her, the more she learns. TV does none of that. When she is older, a very short and calm show like "Blue's Clues" can be fine -- maybe once a week. I don't think any young child (and young means, oh, under six) needs TV more than once a week as a treat. That's what it is at our house and always has been -- a weekend treat, not a weekday thing at all.

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answers from Portland on

The APA suggests no television before two years old:.

Children don't know 'how' to tune out. If it's on, they often compulsively watch and have no cognitive understanding or discretion about what they are watching.

If you can keep the TV off during the times she's awake, this will help. Our house has a "no adult tv during the day" rule: our son is four. We save the adult TV until later. He watches an average of a half-hour a day. Some days, it's an hour, many days, however, we keep busy with no media just fine.

Kids at your daughter's age are marvelous at keeping themselves busy if we give them the space and a few great open-ended toys to do so.

Here's another resource for things to do with your little one:

Scroll down and you'll find "Infant and Toddler Play, Toys and Media Action Guide". This will not only give you good information on better ways to keep your little one busy, but it's very informative.

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answers from Augusta on

Many people will say NO don't let her watch.
I say that as long as the program is educational and does not change a lot , ( is chaotic , like spongebob) she should be ok.
My kids are both very smart, and both watched tv as babies. If she's glued to it for more than 30 mins I'd turn it off and put on some music. If she plays while she "watches" I wouldn't worry about it at all.

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answers from Redding on

I think it's okay for anyone to watch tv as long as it's in moderation. My boys loved kid programming when they were babies, I'd plop their car seat in front of the tube while cooking dinner.... kept em happy. They did not grow up with any learning disabilities and are very successful men now.
My granddaughter is 3 and already has her own laptop and is very well rounded, can read, do math and is in ballet and piano lessons.
It's different for every family. Do what you think is okay for yours. Don't listen to statistics because most of those are "made up" by special interest groups.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

The current (science based) recommendations are for ZERO screen time for children less than two years old. Of course she can stop - you can turn it off. It is so much better for you to read her nursery rhymes (and do the hand movements) than for her to watch on tv. If you are interested, read the position statement by the American Academy of Pediatrics - its available at their website. My son watched no television prior to age 4. He currently watches maybe 30-60 minutes a week of nature programming (currently watching Planet Earth done by the BBC). He is almost 6.

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answers from Washington DC on

Tv watching isn't recommended for kids under 2... so really she SHOULDN'T be watching at all. It isn't about WHAT she's watching but about the speed at which the image changes and her brain has to refocus.

That being said... if you want her to watch something, I guess "nursery rhymes" is a good enough place to start. Chose a show that is designed for toddlers and it should be more appropriate in terms of content and visuals for her age. She's only one year old... I wouldn't have her sitting there for more than 10 or 15 minutes in a row if you can help it.


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answers from Omaha on

I don't find anything wrong with watching some tv, as long as it is quality, educational programs. Anything on PBS or Nick Jr. is perfect in my opinion. My kids have actually learned a lot from Dora, Team Umizoomi, and Super Why to name a few. I do believe limiting viewing to no more than an hour or so a day is best. Moderation is key for anything. Make sure you add in plenty of free play time, outdoor time, music and reading time throughout the day to engage all of her senses.

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answers from Houston on

She can watch as long as you keep it on - 24 hrs a day if you want. How good is it for her to watch that long? Zero.

Keep the TV off and get her some nursery rhyme books!

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answers from Columbia on

She CAN stop watching TV...just turn it off.

I'd not allow any more than 30-40 minutes per day. And be sure that what she's watching is age-appropriate.



answers from Honolulu on

At this age, if the TV is on.... they can't change the channels themselves or turn it on or off.
So gauge what she watches. Of course, not adult shows, per what you or Hubby may watch.
You gotta gauge what she is watching at this age. Not just watching because it is on.

Habits are habits. So it is the parent that creates the habit or not.

This channel is good and made for kids/babies (and is created by child experts):
(I don't know what channel this would be in your area, so check the website).
My kids, even if they are 5 and 8, like this channel.

And yes, as Shane B. said, "Little Bear" by Maurice Sendak is a great show. My kids love that too, as do I.
Check online to see what channel it is on in your area.


answers from Kansas City on

We try very hard to limit tv time to 1 hour a day. There are days however, where they watch way more than that. Those days it's usually some sort of educational shows. My husband and kids like to watch shows like Modern Marvels, the kids actually love "how it's made"...I have children who are not "typical" kids. They are fast becoming walking encyclopedias. They still like their cartoons and such.

I believe that if they are learning other things, have a good imagination outside of tv and do other activities they can still "be decent kids".

At 18 months old my daughter wasn't interested in TV, so I'm not sure how long is appropriate for that age. But yes, it's ok to watch nursey rhymes, educational TV.



answers from Minneapolis on

we did no TV for the first year, then just Sesame Street (once a day) for year 1-2 (no videos, etc. and we always watched it with them and talked about what was happening, etc.) and just read, read, read to them.

They're older now (4) and do watch more TV but I keep it to only educational shows AND try and make sure they are not too animated, etc. I think all the fast paced shows create shorter attention spans in kids... which is not good :). Bottom line , if you choose to have your child watch TV - sit with them and talk about what is going on - engage.

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