Wasp Invasion - What to Do?

Updated on August 12, 2011
M.M. asks from Santa Monica, CA
6 answers

All of a sudden we have a wasp invasion in our backyard.
They hover all over the backyard grass.
There are tons.
Just had my hubby put up a wasp attracting-hanging thing. Few dead in there.
I am nervous when outside w/my little one.
What else can I hang, spray.
We don't have flowers in the backyard but the grass has a few of those little white flowery-type things but not many.
They hover over the grass even in areas where there is dirt.
Nothing has chagned in our backyard.
How do I eradicate these guys? Help. TIA

Also, is there a fly strip for flies I can hang?

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So What Happened?

Thank you ladies.
No, no standing water and no pool.
Never had this problem before. Thanks for the suggestions. Appreciate it.

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answers from Boston on

dont add the wasps to your backyard oasis!!! lol... and if you were in LA i would say call billy the exterminater!! i dont know what else to do besides scream and run back inside... what about the bee killers with the 20 foot spray power from the can??

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answers from Redding on

They are attracted to water. I'm sure you have a nest somewhere. Look under your eaves and watch the wasps either in the morning or right before dusk, you can usually figure out where they live.... and get rid of the nest and most of the problem will be solved.

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answers from Charleston on

they also love fennel flowers, queen anne's lace (weed, big round, white, small flowers with a tiny black flower in center) water, and they also like spiders. Besides spraying, eliminate any attractants. Good luck, we've had the same problem ans I've been attacked by those creepy little buggers! Ugh!



answers from Los Angeles on

We had a wasp nest in the grass underground. I would call a professional right away! It was really huge! Very scary. Be careful.



answers from Dallas on

Do you water the yard a lot? Do you have a pool or any standing water? I've heard they like the water.

I'm sorry I don't have any solutions for you.


answers from Detroit on

Brake Clean

You may have a wasp nest IN the ground.

Brake Clean is no longer flammable. I've killed entire nests within minutes with it though. And it evaporates EXTREMELY fast. So not a bunch of fumes hanging around.

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