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Updated on May 02, 2009
S.S. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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Hi Ladies,
I am in the market for a new washing machine, and the most recent post I could find was from last October. I'd love recommendations of what to buy, as well as what to avoid. I know I do not want a front-loading, though I think I would like a top-loading/HE (without an agitator). Other than that, I'd love to hear what you all have to say! Thanks,

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So What Happened?

I just received a new response to my post, and I'm super excited because it's the EXACT machine I bought yesterday! (Thanks, Kate H.!) I bought a Whirlpool Cabrio, and can't wait to use it. (It's a HE without an agitator, like a front loader, but the door is on top like a traditional top-loader.) One of the reasons I wanted a Whirlpool is because the repairman who "diagnosed the death" of my previous washer recommended it. I figured he was the person to ask about which machines really do break the most often, and he gave me the run-down on what *he* would and wouldn't buy (IM me if you want the scoop.;) ) Anyway, Whirlpools tend to be the "reliable workhorse" (his words) of washers, so I felt pretty good about going with one. My old one was a Whirlpool, too, and the repair guy and salesguys I talked to said I got MORE than my money's worth from it. Besides, my dryer is a WP, too, and I am keeping that...I'm one of the goofy ones that likes a "matched set." :) Thanks for all the input!

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We have the top-loading HE Whirlpool Cabrio and the dryer that goes with it. We've had it for about a year and I love it. The Whitest Whites setting really gets those onesies nice and clean!! I don't have any trouble with odor like the one poster talked about with some HE washers. My favorite part about it: It has a delay function so you can set it to start washing later in the day so when you come home everything can go right in the dryer without sitting wet in the washer all day.

Good luck!

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Hi S.! I love the top loader washer and dryer by Fisher and Paykel. The washer does not have a center agitator. These are so much better than front loaders!
Happy washing!

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We have a front loading washer after a top loading one. The advantages? They can use less detergents and use less water too. New ones use ONLY H E type detergents and other related liquids too. Many complain about it but because they did not read the instructions or ask the question of the installer. There could be water down "there". What keeps if from getting an odor? They explained water is usually kept at the base of the washing machine but you need to keep the door open after using it to air it out. Else it seals up well creating humid environment. They also showed how to pretty simply use a cloth small towel or paper one an cleaning drying the huge gasket in the very front which prevents leaking. The only criticism we have is when it imbalances which is considered in general normal for it to shake some as it can end up the clothes to a very dry state also benefiting your dryer working less! It has advanced programming to get the clothes less tangled and drier and nicer in the end result. It does take practice but once it is learned for each type of load it is much much better. The cost to us was high but we like it so so much at the same time. It saves utility costs, water, detergents usage. The one we have even is smart and figures out how big the load is that is in there and uses just the water that load needs not filling up the whole way. Also they can be even a bigger capacity! It seems like no matter how big our load most everything could fit in it! The lesson leave some space for it "breathe" In other words it needs to be able to toss the clothes to dry them so it is so so stuffed it cant do its job as well as it would normally.
But with every thing new there are pluses and minuses just like older things have theirs too.


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We bought our washer three years ago so since we have not been the market as of recent I only have the suggestion to look at the most recent consumer reports (usually can find them at the library) because we have always found them very helpful.

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