Washing Machine Locks?

Updated on August 25, 2009
R.B. asks from Decorah, IA
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My son is two and just started to become interested in the washing machine. He will lift the lid and get into it... even if there is water in it. I have no way to block it off to where he can't get to it. Most times I can hear when he is messing with it.. but he is so quick that he gets to it before I can stop him. I wish I could follow him around all the time to make sure he isn't messing with it, but its not possible. He does get punished when he messes with it, but it will only stop him for maybe an hour or two, then he is back at it. One of these times I'm afraid of the worst happening if I don't get to him right away...

So I was wondering is there any types of locks out there that I can put on it so he can't lift the lid but still easy enough to open for my older kids that do the laundry?

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answers from Minneapolis on

What about the child locks that are for the fridge or oven. Its 2 straps that snaps together. Or try on line stores I needed a different child lock for my front door. I had an excape artist. I was able to find it online

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answers from Davenport on

Go to www.safe-tots.com and check out the KIDCO® ON/ OFF APPLIANCE LOCK. You can also check one-step ahead, but their locks didn't get very good customer reviews. I hope this helps.

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poor you! Too bad you can't just lock him out of the area some way. I know there are companies who specialize in coming out to your house to see where there are potential hazards for babies and toddlers. I'm sure they have acceess to stuff like that. Maybe you can check via internet. I have a friend who used one back in 1998 when her first child was born.

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