Washing Machine Lint Snares/traps

Updated on February 26, 2013
M.A. asks from Detroit, MI
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We just had to have our drains cleaned due to the amount of lint that was blocking them.

I use the metal and plastic snares, but lint always goes through them. I am also using a strainer for the tub.

What do you use?

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answers from Norfolk on

My Mom always used cut up panty hose for this.
She's cut the foot part off, then use a rubber band to tie it so it dangled from the water drain pipe from the washer before it emptied into the sink.
It was fine enough to catch a whole lot of lint that could clog the drain up and since it dangled down a few inches nylon never got so clogged that the water could not flow through the pipe and into the sink.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

We use nothing but have never had an issue. I wonder why that is..?!

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answers from Washington DC on

We use the lint traps that go on the end of the hose that drains into our mop sink. We've not had a problem. What kind of washer set up do you have?

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answers from Detroit on

I have used pantyhose for 20 years. It catches a lot of lint. I recommend you try this as it is inexpensive and it works.

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