Washing Machine/Dryer - Best Time for Sales

Updated on November 18, 2011
K.H. asks from Merrimack, NH
6 answers

Hi All,

This year for Christmas my husband and I are thinking of buying a high efficiency washer/dryer. Our current dryer takes at least 3 cycles to dry anything so I feel like I'm doing laundry all the time! We saw some sales right now at Sears/Home Depot (legacy sales from Veterans Day) that seem pretty good. Does anyone know if there is a best time of year to buy a washer/dryer? We don't need to buy urgently, so I can wait a bit. Thanks for any help!

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answers from Houston on

I would think that Black Friday (Day after Thanksgiving) they would have lots of sales.

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answers from Honolulu on

Well I Hawaii, the best time to buy large appliances is actually 10 weeks to 12 weeks before Xmas. It is a slow time for sales as people saving up for the holidays. I found deals for 40% off at that time.


answers from Cincinnati on

Take advantage of the black friday deals. You don't have to go stand in long lines. Just log on to Best Buy or HH gregg websites and order that day.



answers from Burlington on

A few years ago we got a HE washer and dryer at BestBuy for 50% off on Black Friday. I would keep your eyes opened next week. Or even look online now. Lots of stores have "previews" of their black Friday sales. Good luck


answers from Houston on

We bought scratch and dent which was significantly cheaper than any sales we could find.



answers from Chicago on

I would be shopping online Thanksgiving day and take advantage of the discount. YOu should be able to do well at Sears :)

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