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Updated on January 09, 2009
M.M. asks from Porter Ranch, CA
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we have a whirlpool duet washing machine. the machine is a couple years old. it seems to smell like mildew every time i wash clothes. its not the clothes, but inside the machine that smells. what do i do? how do i make sure this doesnt keep happening? any suggestions apprecited. thanks ladies!

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answers from San Diego on

Ditto to the load of hot water and bleach. Also, we don't have the duet, but do have a front loader and on our instruction manual, it instructs to leave the door ajar when not in use to allow for any excess water to evaporate. And, if you are washing any baby clothes, look for a missing sock. We just found one that had gotten stuck under the seal (small little buggers) and would have caused a mildew problem had we not found it.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Did you check around for signs of mildew inside the barrel and in back of the machine? Possibly the drain. Are you able to take apart the barrel? I would call the manufacturer, perhaps this problem has already happened and they can tell you what to do.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi M.,

Did you try doing an empty load with just heavy bleach? on hot?



answers from San Diego on

Ditto to all the previous, we have a front loader and I let it dry. There was also a nickel stuck in the drain that gave us a problem. Also you might check the detergent you are using. Use one that is made for it and concentrated. I live in an RV and when the dog sitter comes I let her use the washer but only if she uses my SA8 detergent. If you use a powder they can build up.

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