Washer and Dryer

Updated on October 22, 2008
A.D. asks from Norwood, MA
6 answers

We are moving in 1 week and we are gonna be storing our washer and dryer. Is there anything I should do before we move to prepare them for storage? Thanks for the help.

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answers from Memphis on

Make sure all the lint is cleaned out of your dryer. We stored ours once for a short time & when we used it again, it was a miracle we didn't burn up the house. It was fire red back there. Home Depot/Lowe's sells some of those tools that reach down deep into the dryer. Also take the hose off the back and clean up in there. That's about the only advise I have for you.



answers from Greenville on

Hi A.

Make sure they are clean as the others have suggested. I would put a box on baking soda to absurb oders. Also put some kind of protective blankets on them both. Hope this helps!

Good luck



answers from Memphis on

We've had ours in storage twice for several months both times without a problem. Just make sure all the water is out of the washer and all the lint out of the dryer. When you set them up again you'll have to rebalance everthing. And I'd run an empty washer load to clean out dust and bugs that may have gotten in. Washers/Dryers store pretty easy. Not like refrigerators.



answers from Wilmington on

I would run an empty load of bleach water through the washer before disconnecting it for storage (to prevent mildew).



answers from Jacksonville on

All I would think is to make sure all the water is drained from the washer.



answers from Wheeling on

While it's outside, pull the drain hose of the washer DOWN and let all the water run out of it. Plug it in and have it set on the 'drain/empty' cycle and let it 'pump' out all the water if possible (but don't let it run too long and burn it up!) Point the exhaust hose of the dryer outside (if it's flexible) and let it blow out all the loose dust.

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