Was Your 2Nd Pregnancy Different Then the First?

Updated on December 14, 2011
T.F. asks from Vista, CA
14 answers

I just found out a few days ago that I am pregnant. I am really excited but it been 5 years since my last pregnancy and so far I am having light headedness, nausea, and heartburn which I didn't have with my first pregnancy. I really hope this pregnancy goes as smooth as the last one. Except this time I hope to have a vaginal deliever and not an almost 10lb baby.

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answers from Des Moines on

Completely different so far at 12 weeks. With my first (son,) I felt great up until the very end. No morning sickness, tired - yes, but nothing that interfered too much with my life. Now this little stinker (!!!) has been making me feel ill all day, every day and so exhausted I feel I can barely function. Crazy how pregnancy can affect the same person in different ways!

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answers from Chicago on

Mine was very different. The first I carried twins with no morning sickness and lots of heartburn. Second I had morning sickness through my first trimester but very little heartburn. I was exhausted both times throughout the entire pregnancy.



answers from Minneapolis on

My first I was the "classic" pregnancy. Sick during the first trimester, fine after that.

Second I never was sick at all - felt great through the whole pregnancy (except for hip and pelvic joint pain).

Third - I threw up about everyday until I was 31 weeks. Yuck.

My kids were 8 lbs 7 oz., 9 lbs 7 oz., and 8 lbs 4 oz.

All vaginal... the second and third totally natural water births.


answers from Orlando on

Im in your boat! When I was pregnant with my 5 year old it was a breeze! Other then him being really early everything was easy. Then 5 years later this pregnacy has been the worst! Morning sickness from day one, horrible heartburn, back pains you name it I got it! At least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Only 7.5 weeks left! Congrats



answers from Los Angeles on

I too waited 5 years from my 1st to 2nd and with my first i had no symptoms........with my second I had nausea 9 months and just felt sick the whole 9 months....both were girls.....even DD3 and DD4 were very different, so yes I had different symptoms with all but I did however, have very similar quick labors with all.



answers from Los Angeles on

My 1st was 10lb ,boy, and both 2nd and 3rd, girls, were 6 and 1/2 lbs. 2nd and 3rd labors were easy compared to pushing out a 10lb baby. Pushed for 3 hours with 10lb. Push 3 times with both 6lb babies.


answers from San Francisco on

My pregnancies were completely different. First baby: horrible morning sickness, gained 75 pounds - mostly water in my ankles LOL, baby was a few weeks early, labor took forever. Second baby: no morning sickness, only gained 30 pounds, looked and felt great, water broke on my due date, labor and delivery were quick and easy. They were both girls, for the record!


answers from Washington DC on

Every one is different. I'm pregnant for the 3rd time, miscarried the 2nd. Each time has been a different feeling, experience.

Congrats and good luck!


answers from Detroit on

My first pregnancy (a boy) was a breeze little to almost no morning sickness vaginal delivery my second pregnancy (a girl) 10 yrs later I was sick from the get go all day long my OB had to put me on phenegran I was sick all the way up until the month before I delivered ended up having to have an emergency c section my third pregnancy 4 yrs later (boy) was a breeze very little morning sickness tons of energy scheduled c section only because the emergency c section w/my daughter scared the hell outta me. With my daughter peppermints helped eating small meals/snacks throughout the day really helped w/the nausea and also coke flavor icees from 7 eleven. Good luck! Congrats!


answers from Chicago on

My first, I had virtually no symptoms the entire time. Except for eclampsia. I did develop that AS as I was delivering.
My second, I had morning sickness, heartburn, leg cramps....all of it!



answers from Los Angeles on

My first pregnancy was smooth sailing, except for a placenta previa that corrected itself my second trimester. I had some nausea. My twin pregnancy was the complete opposite, I had the worst nausea, bone pain, ribache, gas, nausea ever. It only worsened as the pregnancy progressed. It was completely different.


answers from Los Angeles on

Three babies, three very different pregnancies. One boy, two girls. It seems that I heard a LOT that babies get bigger with subsequent pregnancies, but my last baby was about 1.5 pounds smaller than her brother and sister, so smaller is possible. ;+)


answers from Los Angeles on

congratulations! my 2nd pregnancy was very different than the first. It was all the same symptoms times 2. I thought the delivery would be a breeze considering it was my second but no way, everything happened so different. With my first I began getting contractions way early but the actual delivery was fast. With my second I got very strong contractions a couple of hours before yet once the baby was coming out there were a few complications. I wish I had been more prepared for both by going to lamaze classes and such I think it would have made the experience better. Good luck, and congratulations once again.



answers from Los Angeles on

Yes, every pregnancy is different and every baby is different! I was very disappointed that my first delivery ended up being an emergency C-section and that I did not get to use my birth plan etc. My second one (despite my obgyn allowing me to try for a "natural" delivery) also ended up being a C-section. The main difference between the 2 was that with my second one I was much more relaxed and the "type" of birth was no longer as important as a healthy baby! The best advice I can give you is to enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can and do not set your heart on any particular type of delivery. Before you know it your new Bundle of Joy will be in your arms and how he or she got there will be immaterial! :) Best wishes

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