Warts on Thigh

Updated on December 04, 2006
L.H. asks from North Brunswick, NJ
5 answers

i was wondering i have warts on my inner thigh for about 5 years they seem to have gotten bigger any sugguesting on removal of them im so ashamed of them

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answers from Rochester on

That is easy, as I told Michele, Young Livings Lemon Oil removes warts in just a couple of days. It works well with killing the viruses that cause the warts.
-Dr. Heather

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answers from Providence on

Go to the dermatologist they can get rid of them. Don't be ashamed alot of people have warts. my family had planters a few years ago we went to the Dr. and now we don't have to deal with them or think about them. get it taken care of that way you can forget, too!



answers from Boston on

I would go to my dr. to have them taken care of! You might need some medication to take care of it.Then it could be something serious. Be seen by a dr. asap.



answers from Boston on

I would definitly check with your dr, Have you ever had an abnormal pap? Some warts like that can be cause from HPV. It is the most common STD and people don't een know that they have it until they have a pap. Or even later. I had it and got it taken care of immediatly, no issues. I would say def. talk with your dr. GL



answers from New York on

Hi L. -

I had growths removed from my inner thigh by a dermatologist. They never caused any pain but like yours mine got bigger too. So I overlooked the embarrassment, asked my OBGYN and she sent me to dermatoligist. They were removed (no pain) just a small needle to numb the area and never grew back!

Good luck.

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