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Updated on January 21, 2011
D.D. asks from Portland, OR
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I know warts on kids is common. My youngest who is 5 got one on her thumb probably close to 2 years ago. We tried all sorts of home remedies and nothing really worked. Her pediatrician (we actually saw a couple) didn't want to do anything just yet because she was so young. They thought it would just go away. Well...she ended up getting one on her heel and now a real little one just under her bottom lip! So when she had her 5 year check up, I told the ped about it and she thought it was time for her to see the dermatologist.
We took her last week and I don't know what to think about it. They did some sort of liquid on all but the one on her lip. I guess they said they will try this first and see if it works. She has to come back every 2-3 weeks and have it treated again. They didn't want to do the one on her lip because of the chemicals. I think what they want to do is see if the liquid works on the others, because if it doesn't the last resort is to freeze them all.
What I would like to know is if anyone has dealt with this and what treatment worked best. And how many times did it take to go away? I thought we would go and they would just freeze them off after all the home treatments we have tried and liquids and whatnot. Its hard for me because I work fulltime and having to keep taking off work for these appts is rough. I just hope it doesn't take long to make these go away. But, I want my daughter to get rid of these!

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So What Happened?

Thanks ladies. I did forget to mention that they did apply some sort of liquid to her arm. Something that may give her a rash I guess. I don't remember what it was called. But she said it was something that is supposed to activate her immune system I guess. We go back again in a week and a half. So I guess we will see what happens next.
We did try the nail file, the duct tape, over the counter stuff. Each just a few times. I didn't really keep up with the filing or duct tape enough I think though to be effective. The doctor did say that in order to get rid of these warts, you need to kill the virus and activating the immune system should help. Guess we will see!

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Have you tried garlic? I know it sounds weird, but as a kid I had a LOT of warts on my feet. At one point I had 15 all together. We could get them to go away, but they always came back. Then one year I started eating garlic dip a lot, and they completely went away. They have never come back, in 7 years. :) You can buy garlic in a pill form, and it is very beneficial as a supplement anyway.

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Hi! I feel like I know a good bit about this topic sense I have had 10 at once before during pregnancy, and then my 3 year old got a huge one last year. We got it frozen at the pediatric dermatologist (way better than a regular one), then it came back. So we went back and they tried this "immune therapy", which totally worked!!! My dermatologist never tried this on me, so I was really curious. They swabbed some non painful acid on her arm to get her body used to the therapy, and see if she had a reaction. Then a week later after her body warmed up to the acid, the prescribed "squaric acid" and we put it on the wart topically for a couple of weeks. It totally worked, and the wart never came back. What the immune therapy did was to teach the body that the wart is bad and to fight it off as any other virus. The body has a problem identifying warts as being a real threat. So after the treatment, the body kicks the warts butt. Its amazing!

On another note, if you dont' want to go to the dermatologist, I tried "apple cider vinegar". The first application stings a bit, but after that, its not so bad. Put the vinegar on the wart with a q-tip, then cover it with waterproof tape, so it doesn't dry out overnight. You can't let it get dried out at all! Hit me back if you need me to be more specific on any of this advice! Good luck!

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Never had to deal with them on the lip, but my daughter had one on the ball of her heel on her foot, when she was quite little (around 1 I think) we talked to a doctor who didn't want to remove it because it would be quite painful to walk on afterwards and didn't want to use the chemical treatment because it can be a little harsh on their young skin (I don't know what that treatment was at all so it's hard to say if it's the same that you are using). He explained that warts are a virus and we need to activate the immune system. Once you make the immune system more aware of the wart it will kick in and start to take care of it. So he had us take a foot file and file it good. This causes damage to the wart and gets the immune system involved. We went home and started to do it but was afraid to really file hard so when we came back for a check up and nothing much had changed. He really challenged us to file harder so that you come into the "capsule" of the wart. So we went home again and filed harder and had another check up in a couple of weeks and it was gone.. I was amazed how quick it went. I know you cannot do that to her lip but maybe the one on her finger. Once you activate the immune system to attack the wart it attacks all warts to fight against the virus causes the warts. good luck I hope you find something that works..

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My son has had his for at least 6 months, maybe longer. He is 4 years old and I think now has six on his fingers (both hands). I tried the gel and my husband tried the liquid. The problem is on his fingers we can't keep the medicine on for any length of time. At his 4 year appointment his pediatrician recommended having a fingernail file (cheap one) just for them, have my son file them himself so he would know it doesn't hurt (and the get the dead parts off) and then he gave us a sample of Mediplast, which are the medicated wart removing band-aids that you can cut to size. We had tried the pre-medicated bandages but they covered so much live skin it just caused extra damage. These are working okay, but it is still a struggle to keep them on. He did tell us to call back in a few weeks if they're not getting smaller and he would refer us to a dermatologist. None on the lips so far...


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yep, my baby has one on her hand, my oldest has 5, i have three. Flesh colored, slight bumps you can barely see, but def. feel. Plantar warts. We soak our feet/hands then freeze them then cover them with a pad thing., but then they come back somewhere else. The feezing hurts a bit, i think its tolerable but my daughter disagrees.



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I don't know about kids...but I had mine taken off with a laser at Dermatology Limited. No scarring, one treatment. Yes it was painful during the procedure but nothing that couldn't be handled. If it were my child, I would ask for them to be put to sleep so they would hold still during the laser treatment.

I got another on my thumb years later and they just used the freeze spray and it also only took one treatment.

Good luck!


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Have you tried the banana peel/duct tape?



answers from Houston on

I would try oregano essential oil. My son had a wart on his finger at two years old. He went twice to the doctor to have it frozen off and it didn't work. It kept on growing back. Plus, this was a painful procedure for a little boy! I asked a friend who uses essential oils if there was one for warts. She recommended the oregano one. I applied a couple of drops to the wart twice a day and within a week it turned black and fell off! (If I remember correctly I think I may have filed the wart a little bit before applying the oil.) Amazing! At the time my husband also had a wart issue on his face. He would go to the doctor to have one frozen off and another one would appear on a different spot a couple of weeks later. Well, he tried the oregano oil and the wart dried up and he didn't have any other warts grow back. This was two years ago!



answers from Boca Raton on

We have had good luck with lysine (don't know if you tried that).

As another mom said it is an immune issue imho . . . my formerly immune-struggling child was the one to get them.

I'm not a health care professional of any type - this is just my "mom" opinion.

Good luck.


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When I was younger (older than your daughter though, late Elementary school) I had one on my heel, called a planters wart if I remember right? I remember it being so painful I couldn't walk at times, mine had gotten pretty big and there was more than one. I went to the Dermatologist and it was probably a good 6 months of having it treated before it was gone. But it has never came back.

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