Warts on a 3 Year Old

Updated on July 22, 2010
A.S. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I have a two year old boy and my roommate has a 3 year old boy, both of which i stay home with all day. When i moved into my apt with my roommate last year his son had a small wart on the center of his palm. We took him to the dr and they said he was too young to freeze it off and to use otc wart remover. We used it faithfully for 3 weekes till his skin around it started to blister and bleed. Since then it has grown to the size of a pea. And recently i noticed that they are spreading. he now has the one big one but also 8 smaller ones on his fingers and nuckles. We have taken him ack to the dr and they still said hes too young to burn off. We have been using the otc wart remover medicated band-aids and also duct tape. but we cannot get him to keep the tape or band-aids on. he also will not allow us to remove the dead skin off the top of them so they continue to grow and spread. This week i have also discovered that my son has 3 tiny warts on his feet. i am not positive but i think he might have gotten them from the 3 yr old. When i had warts as a child my dad use to cut them out. It hurt alot and i dont remeber if it helped or not.
Is it a good idea to cut off as much as i can then put the medicine on it or shud i wait for them to heal? And how do i get them to keep the duct tape on?

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answers from Dubuque on

My Son who is 13 had gotten one on his hand and he tried everything, from cutting it out to duct tape and nothing worked until I went and got him store brand topical liguid wart remover and he would use it faithfully twice daily and I believe it was gone in 2 weeks. I believe the bottle said it could take 6 wks or longer but he had it gone in 2 wks. He had never had one before and it is gone now and no more. I would try the liquid remover being 3yrs old the badage is not going to work for a 3yr old. Good luck!

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answers from Honolulu on

There are different types of warts.
If you do a Google search you can read about it.

Next, you need to tell the Doctor or get referred to a Dermatologist.
The thing is, it is now spreading and getting worse...and your son now has it... and you and your room-mate need to also see if you get it, too.
I even read once, that warts can 'possibly' be spread through towels etc.

Take the boy back to the Doctor... anytime something is getting worse or spreading or not resolving... it is time for a follow-up with the Doctor and/or treatment.

Don't cut anything off... you risk infection, and you are not a Doctor.

You also need to explain to the boy, or his Mom, what a 'wart' is... how it is spreading and how he needs to 'take care of' his hand and the warts... by leaving the tape on.
A 3 year old, can be explained to.

Here is a link on warts:



answers from Minneapolis on

A few months ago I was reading the true story of a woman who was able to help her own daughter with many severe medical problems (among them terrible warts) when the doctors all told her "sorry we can't do anything to help her." You can read the story on her website and it is amazing. It won't take you too long to read it and then you can see what you think...if it is worth it to contact her to find out what she might recommend for you. The lady now has had a nutrition practice of helping people for about 20 years with many different kinds of problems. She went into that work because of her experience helping her own daughter recover. She became passionate about teaching others things about healthy lifestyles. Look up KarenHurd.com and read about her daughter in the section called the poisoned rug. I wish you the best.



answers from Bismarck on

We have successfully used the duct tape method--but it does take a while for the body to respond to it! If you can't get him to leave the tape on during the day maybe try applying at night while he is sleeping--i think the affect over time will be the same even tho it will take longer. You could also try duct tape and then put some kind of band aid over it and tell him not to take the band aid off the "owie."

The topical wart remover does work, but also takes time. I have often heard 8-12 weeks of using the stuff. Hang in there!!



answers from Milwaukee on

My son had a similar issue with a wart on his foot. Our doctor said as long as it wasn't bothering him, it would just go away on his own. It them grew and spread. He started not putting weight on that part of his foot, so we knew it was bothering him. We first tried the over the counter wart removal but it didn't seem to be doing much after quite a long time. We took him back to the doctor, he shaved down the dead skin and burned them off with liquid nitrogen. My son (3.5 years) had minimal discomfort but the skin on the feet is pretty tough, so it may be different on the hand. I would personally recommend treatment if they are getting worse, the over the counter treatment seemed more uncomfortable for my son then the liquid nitrogen. You could go to another doctor for a second opinion, if yours is uncomfortable with treatment.



answers from Duluth on

When my five year old had a wart on his foot, that was very large and painful, we used the OTC stuff for about a week, and then he got mad and took it off. I think we did ONE application and just left the disc on for the whole week. A couple weeks later I noticed a really nasty looking hole in his foot...and the wart, root and all, was gone! I was surprised such a large wart had gone so fast. BUT...he was an old five year old, and more or less left the bandage on. My three has a painful wart on his first finger, and we tried the OTC stuff and it didn't last the day. :( I might try it again at night and see if we can keep it on as long as possible during the day...but it gets in the way. Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I would not recommend cutting them as you could create an infection and/or more spreading of the warts. If his skin is bleeding, I would stop all treatment and let his hand heal.

Warts may look bad to us, but they are not harmful. Warts will go away by themselves eventually if we leave them alone. This takes a long time, but any treatment also can take 2-3 months to work.

Burning or freezing warts is incredibly painful, not just during the procedure but for hours afterwards (I've had this done as an adult and I have a very high pain tolerance). Doing this to a 3 year-old may make any future doctor visits horrendous.

Your son MAY have gotten his warts from the other boy, but he could get them from anywhere he goes barefoot, also. I've had Plantar warts (warts on my feet) on and off most of my life and no one I've ever lived with has ever gotten one.



answers from Dallas on

My daughter had two warts on the palm of her hand and they spread to her fingers. We successfully treated all of them with apple cider vinegar. Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and bandage it over the wart at night, the key is doing it at night so they don't take it off. Take it off in the morning. It takes 1 - 2 weeks but the warts will turn black and peel off. Took 2 weeks for my daughter's warts to fall off, my son had one and it fell off in 2 days using apple cider vinegar. If after a few days he's complaining that it hurts or stings just take a break for a couple nights to let the area around the wart heal (vinegar is acidic) then start again.

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