Warts - Need Some Inputs.

Updated on May 10, 2007
P.R. asks from Plano, TX
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Hi ,
My daughter has warts in her finger. The doctor said nothing to worry, its common among childern. But I have taken an appointment with the dermatologist. Could some body give me more information about the same please.


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So What Happened?

Thank you mama's . I was so worried. Defenitely I would do anything and everythig to get rid of warts.I am glad that I registered myself with mama's source.
I would definetely get back to you in a couple of weeks.


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Hi P.,

I don't know how old your daughter is, so you decide if this would work for her or not, but when I was young, I had warts all over both hands (at least 10 of them). There weren't as many options back then and the ones we tried just seemed to iritate my skin but didn't make the warts go away.

One doctor told my mother that the warts would go away when I was ready and believe that they would. He told her to do this (I was 6 at the time) and she followed it completely: She told me that the doctor told her how to get rid of my warts for good. The plan was what we would "burn" them. She had me outline my hands on a piece of construction paper and then I colored in spots for every wart that I had. Then we went out to back yard where my mom said that if we burned the paper, all the warts would disappear within a week. We burned the paper together and I said goodbye to them. Then we waited. My warts disappeared. It was the power of the mind - because I believed it would work.

My mom came clean about a year later and told me it was just made up by the doctor, but it had worked!

If your daughter is young enough to truly believe what you tell her (kids are much more jaded so much younger these days!), you might try this! It's worth a shot... it's free and has no side effects!

Good luck!




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Ok you might think this sounds crazy, but I had a wart on my finger (which mulitpied to 5) for 10 years and I couldn't get it to go away. I tried over the counter remedies, duck tape, cutting them, filing them, and even had my deratologies freeze it off over 20 times and it never went away. I was told an old wives tale by a co-worker. She said her mom told her that if she wanted her warts to go away to hide a penny in a place where no one could find it and to leave it there forever, and they would go away with in weeks. I went home that very night and did just that, my warts began getting smaller. With in 4 weeks they were all gone, I mean roots and all. With no scare it was great. I know it sounds crazy and I don't know how old your daughter is but I would give it a try.

Good Luck, J.



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There are different kinds of warts. If it's a common wart then it should go away easily. If it's a Plantar wart they are harder to get rid of a spread easily.

It took us over 6 months of going to the dermatologist every 2 weeks to get rid of my daughter's plantar wart on her foot, which then spread to her hands probably because she picked at the one on her foot.

The hand ones came off within a few months, but the foot wart took over 6 months of treatment. Probably because we didn't take her in right away and then we tried over-the-counter remedies for months on our own first. So it grew deeper into her foot.

The virus that causes wart is all over, just some people get them and some don't. I suggest getting her to the dermatologist and getting them off right away.



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I took my 4 year old to a dermatologist because he was getting warts ALL over his body. They say the body eventually builds up an immunity to them and they will supposedly go away. But my son's were getting out of control and spreading. The dermatologist prescribed Cimetidine Hydrochloride taken orally (which he said is usually prescribed to people who have stomach ulcers) One of the side "benefits" is that it kills warts. Anyhow, it worked wonders and they disappeared in less than a couple weeks.



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My daughter used to have warts on her hands and then they spread to her knees so I tried everything to get rid of them! She had a large sized wart on her knee cap so I read somewhere that if you take a piece of banana peel(big enough to cover the wart)put it over the wart and put a large band-aid over it for the night. I know it sounds gross but within about 2-3 days hers were 1/4 the size and she has not had any since! Good luck! Let me know if it works for ya'll!



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My daughter had a wart on her finger last summer and our pediatrician told me to put duct tape on it. Replace the duct tape a few times per day and only put large enough of a piece to cover the wart entirely. I thought he was crazy, until he told me that there was scientific evidence that this works. I researched it and found him to be correct. The wart was gone in three weeks. it would of been gone sooner had my daughter kept her tape on. hope this helps. Don't waste your money on the dermatoligist, research it on the web.


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