Warm Coat? NORTH FACE? Warm Shoes? UGGS? Recommendations?

Updated on May 15, 2011
S.B. asks from Omaha, NE
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OK, I understand that this a CRAZY question for May 15th, but I'm seriously tired of freezing my butt off at my sons' baseball (yes, baseball!) games. I have several coats, but none that are quite warm enough for this cold and wind. I think I'm going to splurge and have been looking at North Face, but have no idea what style to buy. I guess my question...are these coats/jackets worth the extra $$ and what is the warmest (but still stylish) of this brand? ...and then shoes. I came home last night and my feet were freezing! I have lots of shoes, but none keep my feet warm. A friend told me to get some UGGS, but again...are they worth the $$? I tried the Ultra Tall and they were SO TIGHT around my legs (even my bare legs) that I had to return them. If I try them again, is there a style that you'd recommend for someone with slightly bigger calves? (I'm 5'5", 140lbs.) THANKS!

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So What Happened?

Thanks all for the suggestions! I think I'm going to hold off on the UGGS and try the wool socks! That may do the trick for my feet. I've been dressing in tons of layers--had on long underwear under jeans, long underwear, a shirt, hoodie, and Lands End fleece lined winter coat last night and still cold. It's just not supposed to be THIS cold in mid-May!! I'm going to look at some of the brands suggested and hope to find a deal on a coat! Of course, I know what will happen...as soon as I buy something to keep me warm, I won't need it anymore...well, at least not until fall baseball. :)

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Being up in Minnesota and having my husband that works outdoors all year, he says to layer, use base layers (which work wonders!!). I don't think the UGGS are worth the money, I got a pair of sketcher boots that are "like" UGGS and they work great BUT if they get wet they are wet for days. I had to go camping the other weekend for a class and it was freezing out and I had on a regular pair of socks, a pair of wool socks and my hiking boots and my feet were warm the entire time - when we woke up the next morning it was 31 outside but it felt like 21.

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We have always bought our ski jackets from Lands End. I would recommend a parka-length (at least something that comes down to hip level). They are all rated by temperature (so there will be ones rated to 40 degrees, 20 degrees, 10 below, etc). I like to buy the ones that have a zippered insert, so you can remove the lining if you get too warm.

I know, what's with the weather this year though?! It is pouring rain and hailing here! Hello, it's mid-May?! Ugh!

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Hi S.,

I know you already got alot of great answers but I thought I would just add there is a brand of Ugg like boots called Bear Paws. They cost about 1/3 the price of Uggs and they are just as good if not better than Uggs plus I have found that the medium height ones are great for people with bigger calves.

Good luck!

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Aaaahhh, what we do for our children! For me, it was soccer in the spring and fall. I found it helped to wrap a fleece blanket around myself -- and carry a cup of hot chocolate, tea or coffee. Also, this may sound weird, but if you can keep your feet (in their toasty new wool socks) off the ground, it helps.

There's bound to be a special place in heaven for parents of sporting kids...

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not sure about the jacket, but Emu Stinger low are WAY better than Uggs , but get it 1/2 size smaller.Love mine and my boys love theirs even wear them on the cold summer nights:)



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Hi S.,
I can't answer the question about the coat, but concerning the shoes--go with warmer socks...with wool. If you can't find any, PM me and I'll be more than happy to send info over on some for you.



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I love my UGGS and yes they keep my feet so warm I occasionally sweat.

I also love my Spyder jacket. It is extremely light weight and has panels inside that utilize my body heat to heat me up. It was a 450.00 jacket I purchased at the outlet store for about 150.00. I have had tons of other brands: North face, Columbia, Land ends, etc and this is by far the absolute best jacket ever. I love it because it is so light weight so you don't think it is warm but it is amazing. Also I hate having a liner in my coats.



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This is a good time of year to find a great deal on a winter coat. I have a heavy parka from Lands End that is water resistant as well as super warm. I also have a heavy lined raincoat from Eddie Bauer that is waterproof and very warm. You can order from both companies online and may be able to find a coat on clearance. I'd recommend finding a coat or jacket that is long enough to cover your behind if you want to be warm.

Last year I bought a pair of boots that changed how I feel about winter. They are made by Bass, waterproof, fleece lined, zip-easy on with a vibram type sole so they are good on ice. I wore them on a class field trip where we had to stand outside in the freezing rain and I was the only one with warm dry feet at the end of the day. They are clunky and not stylish so I wasn't sure I'd want to wear them when I bought them but once winter hit, I went into survival mode and didn't care how I looked. As far as Ugg boots, Costco carries a similar boot for less $.



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i'm curious about the north face. i wasn't raised on name brands but as an adult i'm trying to see if they really are worth the money.

as for the ballgames, i can totally sympathize. I didn't think i woudl be freezing my hiney off but my son plays evening games and Mother nature still isn't sure it's actually going to be spring here in pa.

I would suggest taking a blanket, or snuggie if you feel brave :)



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I'd also check LLBean.com - DH's 4 years in New Hampshire gave him an appreciation for their cold-weather merchandise.
and personally I like layerable things, so a polartec fleece jacket under a parka is a good combo IMO b/c then when weather's not *quite* so cold you could use the fleece or parka separately. And like one of the PPs said, a good pair of warm socks (like wool socks) can make a big difference between cold and comfy.



answers from Dallas on

I love my North Face jacket and think it was worth the money, and I don't usually spend extra money on items if I don't have too. As for boots, I've never had UGGS, but I have a pair of fleece lined Sportos that are wonderful. I don't know if they still make them, I got them 6 years ago. You can also go to a Dicks or another outdoor sporting goods store and get toe warmers. They are usually with the hunting gear or at checkout. They are about $1-$2 a pack, but I used to use them for cold football games when I lived in the DC area.



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North face, Columbia, Hard Mountain Gear.... Lots of options out there. My suggestion for the weather we're having is to find one you like with wind breaking, it's not that you need warmth per se. For your feet, wear wool socks with your shoes first, save yourself the money on the Uggs.

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