Wanting to Surprise Hubby with Anniversary Trip - but WHERE?

Updated on September 28, 2011
C.M. asks from New Baden, IL
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Hubby and I will be married 6 years in April 2012. I'd love to surprise him with a trip (Mon-Thurs) but am not sure where the best place for couples to go would be. I looked into Arizona because he loves airplanes and has always wanted to go to the Airplane Graveyard. But tickets alone would cost us $1000. I looked into a cruise but he's not the 'sit in the sun and pool type' guy so I'm not sure that is the best option for our money. I thought maybe about Vegas?

Have any ideas for great but not super expensive trip for us? Somewhere with good food, nightlife and maybe a show or touristy attraction? Or if you went on a cruise, where did you go? Cruise line?


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answers from Houston on

VEGAS! That would be a blast for both of you and plenty of options once you get there. Very cheap too. Have Fun!

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answers from Charlotte on

Are you close enough to Chicago to get in on a bus or train? (Or drive.) Chicago has amazing nightlife. Navy Pier is fun, and in the daytime, you could go to the museums, planetarium and aquarium. (My hubby and I like that kind of thing.) At Navy Pier, they have a lot of ships, though it's a little cold to be on them out in the night air, but you might see if you could get on one of them during the daytime, or inside one at nighttime. (By the way, the prices they quote on-line are not the full price - you have to pay extra taxes or something and that runs more - so heads up to on that.)

I don't know anything about cruises, but you might check with 8kidsdad. He's probably been on more cruises than most of us here.


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answers from Detroit on

I surprised my husband with a trip to St. Croix. It was AWESOME! I paid $1500 for plane tix and 4 night/5day stay at the resort.

There are 2 different sides of the Island. One where it's remote (Frederiksted) and you can snorkle, scuba dive, rent a Jeep Wrangler and truck through the rain forest part of the island... OR you could go to the other side of the island (Christiansted) for night life and shopping.

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answers from Columbia on

Apple Vacations has some AMAZING deals. I'm planning a trip for the early spring. http://www.applevacations.com/

A coworker of mind turned me on to this site. He and his wife went to Mexico and had an incredible time. Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

I'd go for San Diego. Yes, you can sit in the sun if you want to, but there is a ton of stuff to do. We went on our honeymoon there and loved it and can't wait until our kids are old enough to go back and enjoy it as a family (although it'd be great as a couple as well.)

There are a few airplanes on the deck of the navy ship that is docked there. I wonder if the naval base ever does any air shows.

Or, maybe you could look into a hot air balloon outing?

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Kalamazoo MI has an Air Musuem. If you stay downtown at the Radison (it's nice) most of the downtown is within walking distance. Tons of restaurants and live music etc.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Have you considered Santa Fe? My husband flew me there for one of our anniversaries. He got us a room at a 5* hotel/spa. It was amazing. It is a grown up city, with lots to do/see. Or just relax.

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answers from Detroit on

Vegas would be cool...maybe you could also think about Chicago (though it might still be chilly in April), Myrtle Beach/Hilton Head, New Orleans, or Key West.

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answers from Seattle on

Aww happy anniversary.. We are going to Vegas next week for our anniversary.. Look on line.. Great room rates.. 49 dollar mid week special at mirage hotel.. Sign up for hotel emails for specials. We are seeing Elton John at Caesars and Terry Fader at mirage.. We got a great price on tickets online. Also 170 per person on Alaska airlines.. Food is reasonable in Vegas too..

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answers from Los Angeles on

Go to travelzoo and we found a 1 week cruise on Royal Carribean from Long Beach to 3 ports in Mexico for $365/person. We live just south of Long Beach, so it didn't cost us much, but you can find some good fares with Jet Blue or Frontier and do a weekend cruise. Check out the deals on www.travelzoo.com

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answers from Washington DC on

We went on 10 year anniversary trip in June to San Francisco area. Even though it is chilly there, I would definitely recommend it. It has something for everyone. There are even a couple of nice day trips to other areas close by. I defintely recommend renting a car and driving south down route1. I booked my trip, hotels, etc. using recommendations from Tripadvisor and then I used the web to find the best deals.



answers from San Francisco on

Me and my hubby are actually getting away for our 10 yr in May and we are going to Ormond Beach Fl. It's right next Daytona and St.Augustine so there is a lot to do and see.


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Tulum Mexico is fun! You fly to Cancun (cheap), you rent a car (cheap) and you drive 1.5 hrs to Tulum. We found an inexpensive place on the beach to stay (not a resort) that was very nice. We had a blast exploring Mayan ruins and the beach and snorkling and eating good food!

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