Wanted - Reviews on Baby Bjorn Potty Chair And/or the Potty Patty Potty Chair

Updated on March 01, 2010
T.M. asks from Brooklyn, MI
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I'm looking for a potty chair for my daughter. She is 3 years old and weighs 28 lbs.
I'm considering two potty chairs and would love to hear the pros and cons from all of you that have used these in hopes to help me to make a decision.

What do you like or dislike about the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair (with high back and arm rests) AND/OR The Potty Patty Potty Chair?

Thank you advance for your response!

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So What Happened?

So far I really appreciate all of your responses. We do have a padded seat already that sits on the regular toliet seat but she's a VERY cautious girl and doesn't feel comfortable on it so that's why we are going to have to go the potty chair way. My son, who is 4, did use the padded seat or just sat on the regular seat without any fears. Guess ya gotta do what ya gotta do just to get them to want to use ANY potty! I'll catch her in the act of going to go #2 and will have her sit on the padded seat but she just won't go. She says that she'll go on her own little potty chair when she gets it.

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answers from Detroit on

Hi there! I personally wouldn't bother with potty chairs ever again! I have 4 kids and found after the first 2 that the padded seat that goes on the toilet was the best way to go. Potty chairs are just gross to me especially when they go #2. Just wanted to give my opinion! Good luck with potty training!

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answers from Milwaukee on

Yup baby bjorn is great. My sion loved it. We still keep it in his room for during nap time and he is 3, still fits well and can empty himself. I decorated it with a few Thomas train stickers to get him more inmterested.



answers from Chicago on

I went with an all-in-one chair and I am glad that I did --just finished potty training my daughter. I love that she can choose to either go on her own potty or on mommy's (makes dealing with resistance easier to ask which one she is going to use, a great distraction device!). And then, when she no longer wants to use her own chair at all, I have the potty seat. It also functions as a stool.



answers from Detroit on

I have twin boys who are 3. I didn't even bother with potty chairs. I had one for 'just in case' they both decided they had to go at the same time, but I bought those padded potty seats that fit right onto the toilet and did that instead. I also bought the fold-up potty seat that sits on the toilet seat -- this way I had one to take with me when we were out shopping or at a friends/relatives house. They were used to sitting right on the toilet so it kept things consistent. Put a step stool in front of the toilet so she can get up and down easily and skip the potty seat all together (or get one from a friend to keep in the car for 'emergencies').


answers from Dallas on

Baby Bjorn with both of my boys! LOVED IT and so did they. It's comfortable for them and doesn't have a bunch of in's and out's to get dirty. It's my vote ")



answers from Denver on

I have both Baby Bjorn charis - the sit down on the floor one and the put on the potty one. Love them BOTH!



answers from Chicago on

We loved our Baby Bjorn potty chair particularly for its simple design. Less likely for the kids to get pinched and easier to clean.



answers from Honolulu on

Baby Bjorn...
I used this for both my kids... and it was perfect for them. My kids are big.
My son for example: is 3.5 and he was using & still does use the Baby Bjorn potty chair high-back, and he is 39 pounds.
- if you notice the baby bjorn is a 'sitting' type of potty chair. And the Potty Patty is "straddling." I think, sitting is what a child will need to do anyway, on a toilet etc. and to me the Potty Patty chair looks more "snug" perhaps... I don't know about the "fit" of a child on it.

I also would recommend a car potty: if you go to www.amazon.com and use search word "car potty" many will come up and you can see the reviews of it. It is REAL handy, when a child has to use the bathroom, but you are in the car/in traffic/no bathroom in sight.... and it is a real life saver. My friends have them too.

On Amazon, you can read the reviews of the baby bjorn.

Good luck,

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