Wanted - Nanny to Share in My House and Yours (McKinney Area) - Starting August

Updated on January 20, 2006
K. asks from McKinney, TX
4 answers

I am a planner, so here I a planning ahead :) I am hoping to find another family that would like to share a Nanny. I don't have a Nanny yet, but maybe you know of one. I work from home most of the time, so would love to have a Nanny some days of the week and your child could come here, and then other days of the week the Nanny could be at your home with my child there. Thought we might both benefit from having childcare, some help around the house and not to mention...the cost.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi I was wondering...do you know how much this nanny might cost?? I live in McKinney as well...and am currently dishing out a little over 650/month for both my kids to be watched, and the younger of the two is only being watched 14 days of a month, because the rest of the time he's with his Grandma. I have thought about getting a nanny as well..but didn't know if I could afford it since I am a single mom and don't get child support.



answers from Dallas on


Hello. We just moved to Celina in Oct 05, and I could use a P.T; very reasonable nanny, too. That is a great idea to share a "nanny" or care giver!!! I would be interested, if you would like to persue this. I have a 4 yr old, who is attending MDo in Frisco on Tues and Thursdays. I have a 20 month old who attends the same MDo only on Thursdays. My 4 yr old has a class, and I am also looking for a caregiver/sitter/nanny to watch my son, while I take my daughter to her class on Mondays, from about 9:45/10 am to about 11:30 or so inthe after noon. Depending on the fee that the caregiver will be asking; I am also interested in her watching my 20 month old for a couple of hours on Tuesdays, while my 4 yr old is in MDO. ButI would need the caregiver to come to my house.

If youare interested, let me know ...

my email is [email protected]____.com

Thank you;




answers from Nashville on

I have been looking for a similar situation. I am a teacher/coach and my husband is getting his Masters in Accounting at UNT. So time is very limited with us. Right now my son is in an in-home daycare, but the cost is almost equal to that of a Nanny. I want my son around other children though. We are trying to have a second child now, so I want him to be used to other babies! Let me know if you find anything out. I do not know how to locate a "good" nanny in this area.

N. H.. [email protected]____.com



answers from Dallas on

Hello K. -

I am also expecting our first child at the end of March. We are planning on finding a Nanny (potentially through a service) for 3 days a week, to start mid June time frame when I go back to work. I am planning on using the nanny full time for a full 3 days (and would not want to share nanny service during those days), but if you are interested in the other 2 days, that could potentially offer a solution. We live in North West Frisco, so not sure if location is an issue either. Just a thought. We will probably start the search through a service mid to late march, or so.

Let me know if you are interested.
[email protected]____.com

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