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Updated on October 28, 2008
M.S. asks from Scottsdale, AZ
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Can anyone give me any suggestions on a legitimate work-from-home business that has the potential to bring in $2500+/month? I have to help supplement our family's income but hate leaving my boys everyday! If you respond, please give me as much information as possible, i.e. earnings potential, time commitment necessary to reach desired income, company history, website, etc...Thank you!

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I just found out about Gold Canyon candles and honestly M., there are no "easy" jobs that don't take some effort but I am exited to now know about and am starting my own company as an independent Demonstrator with Gold Canyon, the commission can be great and if you have the energy to put in to it what it takes you can make great money!
Let me know if you would like any more info.
Through the month of February you can receive a free Demonstrator kit for signing up!

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I am not sure what type of work you are looking for, but I have a home business that I do just on the side. I can't say it has made me $2500 a month, but that is only because I work it in my little bit of spare time right now. There is a potential in making $2500+ a month. You can work it a couple months and see what you think of it. But I plan on going gung ho on it very soon. Even if it means working it a lot more just to get it going enogh for me to stay home and quit working my other job. Anyway, it is called ameriplan and it is basically helping people out. Not sure if you know what it is, but it is discounted Health/Dental benefits. Anyone that does not have insurance or cannot afford it, which who can at the rate it is now, or if they don't qualify because they have a pre-existing condition. I have a website that you can go to and it is www.chasenfreedom.com ... If you want more information or have any questions, please feel free to either call me ###-###-#### on my cell or email me at [email protected]____.com. I would love to explain everything to you before you make a decision. Also, this month they are running a special on the cost of getting started. So please get back with me as soon as possible.


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Hi M.-
I recently read your posting and to be honest, when when I read your posting I feel like that was me talking to a friend of mine a year ago. I am now a SAHM of a 18 month old boy because of the business opportunity and products that were introduced to me, Arbonne International!

Arbonne offers a full range of pure, safe & beneficial products for the entire family. Skin care for baby, weight loss, anti-aging, color & cosmetics, and aromatherapy are just some of the high quality, safe and benefical products that Arbonne manufactures.

You are not required to host home parties, maintain sales or incentives in order to receive a 35-80% discount! To shop these products at a discount from your own virtual Arbonne mall at home, give me a call.

This is also an amazing home-based business opportunity with a company that has grown over 150% this year alone. Arbonne is turning heads and you DON'T want to miss out on this chance of a life time to create an unlimited amount of income and live your dreams with your family! It truly is that easy!

Because of Arbonne, I can honestly say that I have become a better wife, mother and friend. I would love the opportunity to speak with you further!

E. Brown
Arbonne International
District Manager & Independant Consultant
[email protected]____.com

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Hey M.! I am a stay at home mom of 3 kids under 3! I cannot imagine having to ever leave my kids with someone else to care for them. I feel so blessed to have found a legitimate company I work right from my home, all while creating a healthier environment and spending time with my family! The Mom Team is a non-profit organizatin partnered up with a wellness company has been in the INC. 500 magazine 5 times, with an excellent reputation! If you are motivated, you can certainly make $2500+ per month! You can request more info. at www.workingmommyathome.com



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Direct sales can be a great way to earn extra money but it is work and takes time to build up to the income you desire. There are many companies you can look into just make sure they have a legitimate, high quality, reasonable priced products that people want. Do something that interests you. If you like to cook then food or kitchen products might appeal to you. There are several great jewelry companies out there as well as clothing.

I do in home Spa Girlfriend Parties with a company called BeautiControl. We are owned by Tupperware. I'd love to do a party for you so you can see what my direct sales business is like!




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Hi Melaine S,

Not sure if you ever found a home-based job but I wanted to share with you what I do.

My husband and I were introduced to an on-line service by one of our referral sources (Dr. Sarraf). I love the service so much and use it all the time. I really belive in it and it's so simple. I originally was just a customer but then I can the opportunity to join as an employee. Why not make money at the same time I am a customer!?!?!?!

I speak passionately about it because you can actually use it instead of some of these other home-based businesses (makeup, jewelry, etc). I am turned off by those things.

Check out my ad on mamasource.com (sendoutcards.com/cmg) or go to my website to see what I am selling.


Please contact me if you are interested.

[email protected]____.com


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Hi M.,

Yes! I am a co-founder for a new networking company that specializes in natural products and travel. We have a very special event this Saturday June 7th at 10am at the Scottsdale Plaza.

No fee for the class, it is free, but you do need to register, call me at ###-###-#### for tickets. YOu will also receive a 2 night 3 day hotel voucher good in 45 different cities. Something all families need!

Trust me on this, attend our event, check us out and let me know your thoughts.

Specifics - you can visit my website at www.isxperia.com/S. for more. There is an initial fee of $49.95 and autoship each month. You can gain this through sales or use it yourself like most of it. Very exciting, easy, not a lot of time invested and the income potential is absolutely incredible.
call me for tickets.

I am a businesswoman in the Phoenix area for over 12 years.



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I stay home with my two boys by owning a PartyLite business! I have been with the company for almost 12 years. The potential is there - you need to be willing to schedule parties two to three times a week and sponsor a team, but I myself make that on average and many of my friends in the business make more than that. There is no start up cost with PartyLite and therefore no risk to try. Go to my website www.partylite.biz/candlekim and check it out. My direct email and phone number is on there if you want to get in touch. Whatever you decide, if you try direct sales, go with something you don't have to spend money and sell a consumable product so you have re-orders!

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