Want to Put a Sign up for Ppl to Take Shoes off at the Door.

Updated on January 30, 2007
B.H. asks from Burnsville, MN
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I have brand new tile and carpet in my home and have had some very rude people tramp all over with their shoes on. I have had it and want to make sign for the front door about taking shoes off. I know that sounds pretty easy but I've seen some very creative ideas and little sayings or rhymes but can't remember any right now. I am wondering if anyone can share what they've done or a little saying or rhyme they've used. I'm trying to be polite and nice about this and not a crabby jerk. I've had more problems with adults on this issue than kids go figure. With the snow, salt, sand and mud I want my floors to stay somewhat clean.

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So What Happened?

Well I went with the "life is full of choices... remove your shoes or scrub the floors" I made in the computer and added graphics and it was up a whopping few hours and was already ignored! LOL rude people gotta love them, that was on the front door I think I will add a second sign inside the house as well in really BIG letters. I just had it after last week a friend came over and had to use the bathroom so bad and ran up my stairs and into the bathroom and left a trail behind her as well as my bathroom floor was nasty and my bathroom rugs were dirty. aaahhhhh

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Well in real estate we use the phrase "please remove your shoes, you may be stepping into your new home", not sure that would really work for your situation. I don't think you are a crabby jerk for wanting to keep your house nice by any means. You can make a sing on your computer that plainly says "please remove your shoes" you can put some clip art on it with a pair shoes (something like a no smoking sign). I wish I had a creative way to do this as well, I will be watching for some unique ideas as well.



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I read your responses, and they made me giggle.
I find it disrespectful to keep your shoes on in someone elses house (except my sister's but she insists you keep them on to save your socks...go figure) My shoes come off when I enter someone elses home. My note is simply stated. Please take your shoes off at the door. I had a friend that didn't want to because her feet were "ugly" and I simply stated that I don't care what her feet look like, I don't want the germs that are on her shoes on the floor where my daughter plays. My daughter is 9, but still lays on the floor to color.

Dont feel like a crabby jerk, you are trying to keep your house clean!!! add vacuuming to the scrub floor one and you are sure to have people take their shoes off!



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Here are a few sayings I've seen ...

Please remove shoes ... Feel free to take better ones on the way out.

Life is full of choices ... Remove your shoes or scrub the floor.

If your shoes touched the street, please have a seat and take them off your feet.

Everyone takes thier shoes off at our house except my in-laws which drives me nuts! Especially when the visit during the winter. I've asked nicely but my husband gets mad when I bring it up. I think your sign is a great idea! Have fun with it. You can get some nice graphics at www.office.microsoft.com.



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I agree. There's no shame in asking people to remove their shoes...who knows where they've been!
However, you may want to pick up some inexpensive slippers or sock slippers that you can leave in a basket by the door as an incentive for your guests as well as a small chair or bench.
Best wishes.



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I don't use my front door. People are asked to use the back door, and I have everyone remove their shoes. I have a sign hanging up in that area that I bought at Menards that saids "Life is full of choices - remove your shoes or scrub the floor"

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