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Updated on April 24, 2013
L.D. asks from Plattsburgh, NY
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I am short, only 4 feet 10 inches. I am looking to lose 10 pounds before my birthday in late February. I am not sure how much I weigh now, but I know its too much! My clothes are starting not to fit right and I feel schlumpy! My biggest problem is portion size and control, and sugar (mainly chocolate). My husband and I are both giving up soda for New Years. What else can I do? I am not a picky eater, and already eat fruits and veggies. I am looking for foods that will fill me up without alot of fat and calories.

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So What Happened?

hey everybody, thanks for helping me out! I now do little things, like measure my cereal in the morning and pay attention more to portion size. I also don't eat a lot of red meat. I look for things with protein like beans and fiber, since we do this for my daughter. I just got a new pair of running shoes, so I am going to get back in the routine of going for a jog. I've lost about 6 pounds so far, so I am almost there!

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I am 27 going on 28. I have a 4 yr old son as of today, and until 3 months ago i weighed at 174lbs and im 5'6". I kept eating like i was still prego with my son. At his birth i weighed 160lbs. I ended up joining a gym but that didnt help me, i tryed to see a dietition and that didnt help me, so i joined weight watchers, and that has helped me. Since i started over 4 months ago i have lost about 17lbs. You dont go on a diet, you just learn to eat better, find foods that are more filling for you, and how to put excerise into ur life. And i dont mean joining a gym or doing workouts, its just simple stuff, as is in walking more, taking stairs instead of the elevator, walking around ur house more instead of sitting down all day, park ur car further away from where u need to go. I found the support system and their way of teaching you to eat better has helped me alot. I feel soo much better. I have more engery and feel alot better about myself. Weight watchers has meetings and they have an online program. You can do both or just one. I cant wait for summer so i can be outside more and hope to lose more weight. Good luck on whatever you do and hope you find ur comfy weight. :)

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Hi L.. Do you exercise? I am a trainer and offer a free E-book to any Mamasource mom that contains a workout program (and more) than you can do from home. E-mail me if you are interested: [email protected]____.com

Dieting will help, but you need to exercise to shed pounds and tone up as well.

Also, make sure you eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day, rather than 3 big meals. This keeps your metabolism on and moving.
Try some protein snacks like hard boiled eggs, apples and low fat cheese, apples and a TB of peanutbutter, yogurt, etc.

Hope this helps!

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Hi L.! I agree with the other advice, you do need to eat right AND exercise to lose weight and keep it off. I find that I can exercise like crazy but if I eat too much sugar or my eating is off, I won't lose weight no matter how much I work out. You already know that portion control is key. A serving of lean protein (chicken, turkey, 93% lean beef, fish) is about the size of your closed fist. Aim to fill your plate with that, one-fourth carbs, and the rest veggies. To fill up without a lot of fat and calories, work protein in to meals to stay fuller longer. Try eggs or egg whites, lowfat cheese, hummus, peanut butter on toast or with an apple, etc.

One thing people often overlook is high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils and the havoc they wreak on your waistline. These ingredients are in MANY foods and are HIGHLY processed and no good for you at all. Manufacturers put them in to make food taste better, but they only add chemicals and sugar to the food. READ LABELS - you can buy bread, snacks, ice cream, even crackers and sauces/dressings that have these ingredients and not even know it!! If you cut these out and shoot for all-natural or organic foods, you will likely lose even more weight. Most stores have their own brands of organics now that are affordable. Trader Joe's in my favorite for this type of stuff because their prices are amazingly great. Finally, make sure you eat breakfast to get your metabolism going first thing. Studies have shown that eating breakfast (or some food) within one hour of waking up can help women lose 7-10 lbs. a year, provided you weren't already doing this. No matter what you do, keep a positive attitude and hang in there... enjoy your life but be reasonable in terms of portions and food/exercise, and you should see results!



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Hi L.,

i noticed you were open to ideas for working from home so i thought i would share some info. I work from home with the m.o.m team & we are partered up with a health and wellness company. If you are interested you can go to my website www.themoneymakingmom.com & leave your contact info & i'll be in touch.it may or may not be for you but it can't hurt to check it out!!



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eat lean meats with plenty of veggies and greens steam or grill (only 1 ts e v olive o) , no carbs, no oil, or butter
drink plenty of water
workout daily ; at least 30 min


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Hi L..
I happen to coach a program that may help you out. If you would like some information on it let me know. I teach folks how to eat real food, no meal replacements. I personally did the program and lost 32 lbs. 5 inches on my waist and went from a 16 to an 8. The best part is that this was a year ago and I have managed to keep the weight off easily. I feel great. It's the best program that I have ever tried. let me know if you would like me to send you some information.



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Hello L.: I just read your request. I, too have had challenges with weight, until now. Our family of 4 have lost 130 lbs. and 135" in less than 5 months. It is NOT a DIET, but a NUTRITIONAL CLEANSE---all natural.
Would you care to hear more about this?
We also have CHOCOLATE-----------YUMMMM!!
I commend you greatly for giving up soda.....carbonated beverages eat away at your bones. Good for you!!

Fruits and veggies are GREAT...keep eating them, but we need to cleanse the toxins to get rid of the extra fat that protects our inner body from the toxins we injest and breathe in.

[email protected]____.com
I would be glad to help.

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