Want to Find a Way to Give Stuff to Families in Need

Updated on November 24, 2008
V.S. asks from Temecula, CA
4 answers

I have a bunch of gently used childrens clothes, jackets, gloves, scarves, etc. I KNOW there has to be someone somewhere who could really use this stuff. I dont want to donate it somewhere taht will sell it, I want it given to them. All of the places I have found want new things or money. Does anyone out there know a place to do this? Would anyone else be interested in donating things as well? Also, I prefer to give these things locally, or at least in California.

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I do one of three things with all my "hand me downs";
1. pass them on to friends with boys smaller than my son
2. donate them to a local church (usually by way of a friend)
3. donate them to salvation army, because I know that any profits are going to help families in need and it also give people, who may not otherwise ask or be willing to take charity, a place to go buy the things they need at a price they can afford.

I do know there is also a domestic violence shelter in Temecula that will take donations for women and children, but I do not know the location.

Good luck.



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ChildHelp USA
Temecula Valley chapter



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HI V.,
There was just a lady who was asking for some help for clothes for her children. I had left a message that I had toddler boy clothes, but I have not heard back from her yet. She got so many responses from good people who want to help. I too, didn't want to give them to Salvation Army, ect. So, I was going to call our local Army / Navy recruiting office to see if they know of anyone. They do toys for families also. Maybe the local Fire Departments would know. I will send you a message what I find out, will you please do the same for me? I live in Murrieta, so we are close !



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I suggest www.freecycle.com. You can join a local group and respond to someone who needs what you have to offer.

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