Want to Find a Job to Spend More Time at Home

Updated on February 23, 2008
J.R. asks from Trabuco Canyon, CA
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Hi I am working full-time and although I really enjoy my job I would like to be able to spend more time with my kids. I have a B.A. in Liberal Studies and a multiple subjects Teaching credential. I love teaching and would love to teach in a Kindergarten or Adult Ed. at nights. But I am open to suggestions. Are there any Moms out there that are really making a living with any sell at home business. All the ones I have heard about you end up working so had at home that you don't get to see your kids anyway. I am currently working at a pediatric dental office and I love it here, it is like a second family, but I miss my kids all day. Any Ideas?

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What about a shared classroom? What district do you teach in? I have a friend looking to share next year in Saddleback.



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I agree that most people in biz end up working way too hard. I figure most of us need to develop another income stream.... creates more security and more options...

I figure the ideal income streams are either more passive ways to make money.... like internet businesses that function while you're sleeping.... or, where you get OTHER people to do the work. One of my girl friends made a fortune in cleaning commercial businesses.... most of the work was done by her staff who were grateful for the minimum wage she paid them.

I have been an entrepreneur for decades and I agree... it is hard to find a sell at home business that is successful and leaves time for parenting.


C. A.



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Hi J.,
you sound like you'd like to be at home with your children but want to not only bring in money but be around people that feel like family. It sounds like you like being in an arena that supports wellness for children (pediatric dentistry) and love to teach others especially children. I don't know if this is for you or not, but how would it sound to you to teach moms, kids, dentist, friends about staying healthy and strong and be able to do this any time anywhere and make residual income? That's what I do. I share CDs and DVDs about the power of fruits and vegetables in gummies and capsules. Juice Plus+ I'd love to explore with you if this is something that would help you with your desire to be home, bring income, bring new friends and family into your circle. I'd be happy to share with you how Juice Plus+ is powerful food that increases immune system, and is backed with published research. I love how I'm eduacating and helping my family and friends with having better health and great wealth while developing their self! It's making a difference one person at a time. I don't know if it's for you but I'd be happy to explore that with you.
email me [email protected]____.com and check out my website, www.JoanLUKE.com



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My name is D. and I am the mother of three. All my sons are grown up and out of the house, but I remember very well what it used to be like when they were young. None of them lives here, so most of my time is spent on the road [or in the air] keeping in close touch. I run a home based business called Monavie. It's a super juice composed of 19 whole fruits with the acai berry being the star. It provides the nutrition of eating 13 fruits by drinking just 4 oz. a day. It balances your body so it can work like it was meant to. There are just two products, Monavie Original without glucosamine for nursing and pregnant Mom's and kids and Monavie Active with glucosamine for those of us that need joint care. It's a great way to make sure everybody including kids get their proper nutrition. We are having great health benefits form this. It is multi level marketing with a very generous compensation plan that can be worked as many hours a day as you choose. My website is www.thegreatproduct.com/888. Check it out and see what you think. It's a wonderful product and a new company [3 years old ]so the timing is perfect for the needs of everyone, as we are all usually too busy to eat right and needing to spend more time with our families. I'd love to share more with you if you are interested. It only costs $39.00 to be sponsored and get started. I do all training and am here for you for info and support. You can call me at ###-###-####. I look forward to hearing from you.

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