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Updated on April 18, 2007
K.B. asks from Richardson, TX
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I took a stroller to Kid to Kid & they literally offered me $5. I was in shock!

I would like to donate the stroller to someone who really needs it.
Do you know of someone who doesn't have the money to purchase a stroller?
It's a single Graco stroller. There are some stains on the fabric but I'm sure it can be washed.

Thanks for your help!

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So What Happened?

*^*^* The stroller is going to a family whose husband served in Iraq & they are about to have a baby. *^*^*

Thank you all for your responses.

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The Pregnancy Resource Center at 635 and Greenville can always use gently used baby items. The girls that choose to parent their babies are offered free childbirth and newborn care classes. At the end of the classes they have a baby shower for them.
Here is a link to their homepage so you can contact them: http://www.dallaspregnancyresource.com/default.cfm


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My friend is pregnant right now and she doesn't have a stroller..if you're interested.



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I'm sure the mom's at Nexus Recovery Center would be extremely grateful for the donation. You can locate them through the website... http://www.nexusrecovery.org/



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Have you thought about taking the stroller to Goodwill or the Salvation Army? They will give you a receipt for it. This way you can use it as a tax deduction. I donate all of my childrens clothes, shoes, strollers, dishes, etc... Just make sure you get a receipt!

Good Luck!
Dene' H

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