Want of a Indian Wet Grinder

Updated on September 20, 2011
K.S. asks from Fremont, CA
6 answers

hi all, i have just come from india, i have two kids and they like dosai very much. i heard people do sell indian wet grinder's in seconds. can anyone help me to buy one. i dont know were to find the details abt this?

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answers from Los Angeles on

you can go to google.com and look for one there :) you can also try ebay.com

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answers from Albany on

Hi K., like Jacy said I googled it. Many sites selling them came up, including Amazon.com.

I also googled Dosai. And thanks to you, I learned TWO things today!




answers from San Francisco on

try indiaimports.com. a friend jus purchased one from them...reliable!!! also keep checking craigslist.or if someones travelling from india on business get them to bring one for u...good luck!



answers from Houston on

you could try craiglist . i see lot of indian families relocating that sell these.also i do not use wet grinder though i have one.i simply use the preeti mixie .it is also good if you have one.you also get the dosai batter in the freezer section from india cash and carry by ganesh .it is decent.hope this is useful.



answers from St. Louis on

thanks for teaching me something today!

That said, I don't see "why" you couldn't work with a food processor & blender to accomplish the same texture in foods.

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